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Career Center
January 10, 2019

Learning Specialist

Bishop John T. Walker School for Boys
Washington DC United States
Position Starts: January 2, 2019
Application Deadline: January 31, 2019

Purpose:  This position is responsible for collaborating with all members of the community (teachers, families, scholars, admission/outplacement department, outside consultants, counselor, and academic administration) to maximize opportunities for success for scholars at BWS.  All BWS staff are expected to work towards BWS’s mission and vision.

Areas of responsibility include, but are not limited to:

Professional Responsibilities:

  • Compliance with BWS’s policies/procedures as stated in the personnel handbook

  • Regular and punctual attendance

  • Participation in staff meetings, including division, department, grade-level, open meetings, professional development days, etc.

  • Participation in school-wide events, including assemblies on and off campus, Open Houses, Back to School Night, etc.

  • Compliance with deadlines

  • Participation in regular goal-setting, reflection and professional growth opportunities

  • Assessment of prospective scholars (Admissions)

  • Support with the coordination of tutors and other outside professionals that work with BWS scholars

Instruction &  Curriculum:

  • Alignment with BWS’s mission, philosophy, and program goals

  • Observation of individual scholars in classrooms in order to assist the teachers in assessing and supporting scholars who require accommodations/support

  • Collaboration with teachers and counselor to modify/adapt curriculum in order to meet the needs of the scholar(s)

  • Individual meetings with scholars to address various needs (organizational support, study support)

  • Collaboration with teachers  and counselor to formulate educational plans for scholars whose families present documentation of medical issues or learning differences

  • Purchasing of supplies/materials to support scholar’s learning, using allotted budget

Assessment & Feedback:

  • Preliminary screenings/assessments of scholars with learning differences (with family consent)
  • Review of progress reports for scholars with learning differences

  • Documentation of accommodations/modifications to instruction and/or curriculum

  • Recommendations for auditing/not attending a particular class due to learning differences

  • Attendance of scholars’ conferences when appropriate

Collaboration & Communication

  • Consultation with teachers on the interpretation of diagnostic testing, use of medications, auxiliary aids, adaptive devices, teaching techniques, learning accommodations, etc.

  • Ongoing communication with parents of scholars with learning differences

  • Assistance for families finding appropriate outside support (testers, tutors, therapists)

  • Collaboration with Admission and Outplacement Director in reviewing scholar files

  • Participation in the Admissions committee and support with Outplacement process

  • Collaboration with teachers and Counselor on morning meetings, homework load, grade-level expectations, etc.

  • Collaboration with colleagues on school-wide initiatives

  • Parent education around supporting scholars with learning differences

Contact Information

Stephanie Folarin - Principal
Email: sfolarin@bishopwalkerschool.org