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November 22, 2019


Canon Andrea Mwaka School
Dodoma Tanzania United States
Diocesan School
Position Starts: November 22, 2019
Application Deadline: Until Filled


Canon Andrea Mwaka School is a DCT (Diocese of Central Tanganyika) Anglican Church International School teaching a British Curriculum.

  • Early Years Centre - two classes of Nursery and Reception
  • Primary School - Standard One to Standard Six
  • Secondary School - Standard Seven to Form Four

Duties and Responsibilities

The Principal is a member of the Senior Management Team and is accountable to the School Board and the Diocesan Bishop. The Principal has overall responsibility for the day-to-day operation of the school, for the management of the school site, for the education and welfare of the students and maintaining excellent communication with all members of the school community. The school is also planning to introduce charitable Saturday schools to offer study skills to poor children from the surrounding schools.

The school looks to recruit a principal. Benefits include:

  • Fully furnished house
  • Shared car.
  • Flight ticket economy class every two years
  • Salary according to the school pay scale

General Responsibilities

  • Administration
  • Students
  • Parents/Guardian
  • Staff
  • Marketing

Specific Responsibilities

  • Administration
    • Implement the decisions of the Board and the Director and ensure that school practices comply with its policies.
    • Attend regular meetings of the Board and provide all necessary school information to the Board.
    • Keep the Board and the Bishop informed about all aspects of school operations.
    • Collaborate with the senior management team to make policies which will be used for the school and make amendments where necessary.
  • Students
    • Oversee all aspects of student well-being, care and welfare.
    • Deal with individuals, situations and issues of a serious nature.
    • Ensure that systems are in place to monitor student attendance and to collect, maintain and store necessary information relating to students.
    • Ensure the psychosocial environment of the school and that measures are taken to manage student behaviour.
    • Work with the admissions officer to make sure that the students enrolled meet all necessary qualifications.
  • Parents/Guardians
    • Ensure parents and guardians are well-informed of their children’s progress and issues.
    • Act as the main contact person for parents/guardians regarding critical issues with their children.
    • Liaise with the Board and the Bishop to ensure and develop a good school development plan.
  • Staff
    • Evaluate staff needs with chief academician and the resource mobilization manager.
    • Draw up appropriate timetables with the Head of School and monitor the workload among teachers and staff.
    • Ensure that teachers are teaching effectively and in according with the curriculum.
  • Marketing
    • Collaborate with the Board and Senior Management Team to develop the marketing plan.
    • Collaborate with the Senior Management Team to implement the marketing plan.

About the School
Canon Andrea Mwaka School (CAMS) is a Diocese of Central Tanganyika (DCT) Anglican Church International School, located in Dodoma, Tanzania. Our school is a multi-cultural society that brings together students from different parts of the world and also has a multi-cultural staff.

Our school belongs to the Diocese of Central Tanganyika and provides a quality education, according to the British Curriculum. Students sit for the IGCSE exams at Form Four.

CAMS has three different departments with a total of 417 students. The first department is the Early Year Center, which has two classes of Nursery and Reception. Primary School has six classes from Standard One to Six. The Secondary School includes Standard Seven to Form Four. The school is also planning to introduce charitable Saturday classes to offer study skills to poor children from the surrounding schools

School Motto
Never tire of doing what is right."

Contact Information

Applications should be sent to: bishopdct@gmail.com