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Episcopal Schools

Episcopal Schools

Are you

  • new to your leadership role at an Episcopal school and wanting to learn more about the ethos of the school community you've joined?
  • a parent seeking an excellent academic setting for your child that nurtures mind, body, and soul?
  • an Episcopalian wondering how Episcopal schools, as Christian institutions, are intentionally pluralistic in the students and families they serve?
  • an education association leader or a consultant working with an Episcopal school and needing background information and context?
  • simply curious about Episcopal schools?

Explore these pages to begin understanding Episcopal schools and their reasons being.

More about Episcopal Schools

Episcopal IdentityEpiscopal Identity

Learn more about what distinguishes a school as Episcopal.

Principles of good practicePrinciples of Good Practice

NAES-developed sets of principles of good practice for various aspects of Episcopal school identity, leadership, governance, and community life.

EyeSelf-Study on Episcopal Identity

Released in 2014 for members' use, the Episcopal Identity and Culture Self-Study is an instrument for reflection on those outward and tangible expressions that make a school truly Episcopal in identity and character.

Episcopal School FAQsEpiscopal Schools FAQs

Answers to some of your most common questions about Episcopal identity, admissions, financial aid, chapel and worship, religious studies, governance and accreditation, and the role of NAES.

Facts & FiguresFacts & Figures

Our most recent statistics from Episcopal schools. Includes a map showing the relative distribution of all Episcopal schools, member and non-member alike.

Find a Member SchoolFind a Member School

A searchable database of our member schools. Search results provide the address, telephone, fax number, and website of each school and, when provided, a brief description and photo of the school.

Boarding ProgramsBoarding Programs

Considering a residential educational program for your child? Are you a student thinking about boarding school? Learn more about our member boarding programs.

Episcopal Urban School AllianceEpiscopal Urban School Alliance

A growing number of Episcopal schools are being established in historically under-served, low-income communities. These tuition-free or sliding-scale tuition schools are making a difference. Learn more about them.