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NAES Exceeds the Edward E. Ford Foundation Challenge

February 01, 2018
Edward E. Ford Foundation to award $35,000 in matching funds towards the creation of a professional network of diversity practitioners in Episcopal schools.


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The National Association of Episcopal Schools (NAES) is pleased to announce a major milestone in its commitment to advocating for diversity and inclusion in Episcopal schools.

In June of 2017 NAES received a grant of $35,000 from the Edward E. Ford Foundation, awarded for the purpose of setting up a national network of diversity practitioners in Episcopal schools. The provisions of the grant required that NAES raise an equal amount in new or enhanced gifts from individuals or schools. NAES is proud to announce that this goal has not only been met, but exceeded, allowing NAES to move ahead with plans for this project’s implementation. NAES is deeply grateful for the trust their supporters have placed in them during the course of this matching campaign, and the excitement they have clearly shared for this initiative.

In the upcoming months, NAES will make further announcements about their vision for the program, as they move ahead to strengthen this all-important bridge and support the work of diversity and inclusion in Episcopal schools.

Having reached, and now exceeded, this goal—a sign of widespread confidence in this important work—NAES will now turn their energies toward meeting their Annual Fund goal for 2017-2018 and its provision of greater and valued resources to Episcopal schools across the country.