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Annual Giving 2016-17

The Annual Fund provides support for the NAES’s annual operations, with 10% of the annual goal (or $12,000, whichever is greater) set aside for distribution to member schools and diocesan, state or regional Episcopal schools organizations in the form of Outreach Fund Grants. The fund accepts gifts of cash or appreciated securities.

To learn more about our members, donors, and activities, visit Strategic Plan & Annual Reports.

Help us reach our 2016-2017 goal of $120,000!
Raised to date: $158,364 - Thank You!

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Thank You 2016-2017 Annual Fund Donors

The Rev. Susan Anderson-Smith
Rev. Robert Baker, Ph.D.in honor of St. John's Episcopal Parish Day School
Hilary and Dutch Barhydt
Elizabeth Barnes
Rev. Charles Barton in honor of Mr. Karl Adler, Head of School,
St. James Academy, Monkton, MD

Mr. Rex Bates
Barry and Susan Bedrickin honor of the Rev. Daniel Heischman
Canon Serena E. Beeks, D.Min.
Mr. Alan F. Blanchard
Roger and Kennon Bowen in honor of Ann Mellow
Katherine and David Bradley
Ashley and Miles Brandon II
The Rev. Lex and Zonnie Breckinridge in memory of the Rev. Phillips Nazro
P. David Brown
John M. Brumbaugh
Linda A. Burnett, CAE, CMP
The Rev. A. Dean Calcote in memory of Maree Calcote
Mr. and Mrs. Callas
Christopher R. Carter D.Min.
The Rev. R. Douglas Carter
David H. Charlton, Ed.D.
The Rev. Peter G. Cheney
Messers Cho and Song and Family in memory of the Rev. Francis X. Cheney
Rev. D. Corbet Clark, D.Min
Mr. L. Hamilton Clark Jr.
(The Rev. Cn.) Thomas G. Clarke
The Very Rev. Charles E. Connelly
Rev. George E. Conway, D.Min.
The Rev. Alice H. Courtright in honor of Rev. Timothy J. Seamans
Robert L. Cunningham
Jennifer S. Danish
Edgardo and Ana Cristina Defortuna
Eileen Doyle
Father Henry L. Doyle
Jan and Leo Dressel
Bob and Merrily Dunlap
The Rev. Dr. D. Stuart Dunnan
Amy Eastham
Nancy and DuBose Egleston
Rev. Carolyn Eklund in honor of and thanksgiving for the ministry of the Rev. Bennett Barnes
Richard Enemark
The Rev. Scott E. Erickson, Th.D.
Mr. Douglas H. Evans and Ms. Sarah E. Cogan
The Rev. Brian E. Fidler
The Rev. John H. Finley IV
Mrs. MaryJo Finocchiaro in honor of Will Moseley
The Rt. Rev. Jeff W. Fisher
Rev. Todd and Amy FitzGerald
The Rev. Canon David R. Forbes
Monica M. Gillespie Ph.D. and John K. Gillespie
Mrs. Ann Miles Gordon
David Gould
The Rev. Richard E. Greenleaf in memory of Malcolm Greenleaf
The Rev. Canon and Mrs. Preston B. Hannibal
Jo and Gary Harney
The Rt. Rev. Dena A. Harrison
Rev. Canon Susan C. Harriss and Kenneth Ruge
Bobby and Eileen Haurand in honor of Kim & Patrick Kacani and
their daughter who attends GSES

The Rev. Daniel R. Heischman, D.D.
Mrs. Elizabeth G. Hogen
Rev. Ralph F. Howe Jr.
mr. arvind grover
The Rev. Canon Norman S. Hull
The Rt. Rev. Sam Hulsey
The Rt. Rev. Robert and Nancy Ihloff
Rev. F. Washington Jarvis
The Rt. Rev. Don Johnson
Burns Jones
Ms. Marie H. Kidd
Edward and Hanne Kim
The Rev. Stephen B. Klots
Ms. Silvia Larrauri
Dr. Elizabeth I. Legenhausen Ed.D.
James B. Lemler
Don and Judy Lineback
Stephen S. Marsters in honor of Dan Heischman
M.E. Matthews in honor of the Rev. Page Rogers
Joy McIntosh
Mr. James McManus
Bill and Christine Mecklenburg
Ms. Ann Mellow in honor of David Schnabel
Victor and Mary Menacho
Karan A. Merry in honor of the NAES staff
The Rt. Rev. Rodney R. Michel in honor of David Schnabel
Catherine M. Millerin honor of Sean Murphy
Margaret Delk Moore
Will and Jen Moseley
Mr. Sean Murphy
Lucy C. Nazro D.H.L.
The Rev. Canon and Mrs. William D. Nix Jr.
Joan and John Holden
Don and Doreen Oleson, Ed.D.
Mrs. Patti Peebles in honor of David Schnabel
Janet S. Pullen, Ed.D.
T. Edmund Rast
Rev. and Mrs. Greg Richards in honor of Daniel Heischman
Judy Robbins
John B. Robinson Jr.
Mrs. Tandy S. Robinson
Aimeclaire Roche
The Rt. Rev. Hays H. Rockwell
Rev. Rodney Roehner
John and Rev. Jean Rogers
Kathryn Runnells
Marianne V. Ryan D.Min. in honor of David Schnabel
Mr. David J. Schnabel and Mr. James F. Minter in honor of the NAES staff
The Rev. Timothy Seamans in honor of The Rev. F. Washington Jarvis III
Mr. and Mrs. James J. Secor III
Ned and Lizette Sherrill
Mrs. Charles W. Shreiner, Jr. in memory of Dr. Charles W. Shreiner Jr.
The Rev. and Mrs. Peter W. Sipple
Janess W. Slaby
Kristin and Ned Smith in honor of Tony Jarvis
The Rev. Faye Somers
Tom Southard
Rev. Nathan Speck-Ewer
The Rev. Michael E. Spencer
The Rev. James R. Squire
Ramsay and Holly Stabler
Barbara Talcott
Raven Graydon Tarpleyin honor of Dan Heischman
Edgar Taylor and Karen Shipley Taylor
Jane S. Theuner
M. Sarah E. Tielemans
The Rev. Claudia Gould Tielking in honor of all NAES does for Episcopal schools
The Rev. William and Mrs. Joan Wade
Mrs. Laura C. Walker
John Warren and Laura Appell-Warren in honor of Barbara Talcott and Stephen Hebert
Cyntha Weldon-Lassiter, Ed.D.
Mr. Stuart Work
The Rt. Rev. Robert C. Wright, Bishop of Atlanta
Mr. and Mrs. William Andrew Forteithin honor of Linda Burnett's 15
years of service to NAES

All Saints' Episcopal Day School, Austin, TX
Beauvoir, Washington D.C.
Berkeley Preparatory School
Christ Church Episcopal School, Greenville, SC - Leonard R. Kupersmith, Ph.D.
Christ Episcopal Church of Los Altos, CA - The Rev. David H. Starr
Christ Episcopal Preschool, Ponte Vedra Beach, FL
Christ the King Episcopal Church, Santa Rosa Beach, FL in thanksgiving for Ann Mellow and all of the team at NAES
Christ's Church, Rye, NY - The Rev. Canon Susan C. Harriss
Christchurch School, Christchurch, VA - Mr. John E. Byers
The Church Farm School, Exton, PA
Church of the Good Shepherd, Augusta, GA - The Very Rev. Robert D. Fain
The Church of the Good Shepherd, Richmond, VA - The Rev. Ross M. Wright Ph.D.
Church Pension Group
Commission on Schools, The Diocese of Los Angeles
The Episcopal Church - The Most Rev. Michael B. Curry, Presiding Bishop and Primate
The Rt. Rev. Carl Walter Wright, D.Min. - Office of Armed Forces and Federal Ministries, The Episcopal Church
Episcopal Church in South Carolina
Episcopal Day School of Christ Church Parish, Pensacola, FL
The Episcopal Diocese of Connecticut
The Episcopal Diocese of Long Island - The Rt. Rev. Lawrence C. Provenzano
The Episcopal Diocese of Milwaukee
The Rt. Rev. A. Robert Hirschfeld, The Episcopal Diocese of New Hampshire
The Episcopal Diocese of New York - The Rt. Rev. Mary D. Glasspool
The Episcopal Diocese of Olympia - The Rt. Rev. Gregory H. Rickel D.Min.
The Episcopal Diocese of Southeast Florida
The Diocese of Southern Ohio, William Cooper Procter Memorial Fund
The Episcopal Diocese of Tennessee - Rt. Rev. John C. Bauerschmidt, D. Phil.
The Episcopal Diocese of Upper South Carolina
The Episcopal Diocese of Vermont - The Rt. Rev. Thomas C. Ely
Bishop Gary Lillibridge, The Episcopal Diocese of West Texas
The Episcopal Diocese of Western North Carolina
The Episcopal School of Dallas - Ms. Meredyth M. Cole
Florida Council of Independent Schools - Barbara H. Hodges Ed.D.
Good Shepherd Episcopal School, Dallas, TX
Grace Episcopal School, Alexandria, VA
Holy Comforter Episcopal School, Inc., Tallahassee, FL
Holy Innocents' Episcopal School, Atlanta, GA - Mr. Paul A. Barton
Kent School, Kent, CT
Episcopal Church in Minnesota, Minneapolis, MN
Kerin Hughes, Palisades Episcopal School, Charlotte, NC
Palmer Trinity School, Palmetto Bay, FL
San Jose Episcopal Day School, Jacksonville, FL
St. Albans School, Washington, DC
St. Andrew's Episcopal School, Austin, TX
St. Andrew's School, Middleton, DE
St. Catherine's School, Richmond, VA
St. Francis Episcopal Day School, Houston, TX - Susan B. Lair Ph.D.
St. George Episcopal School, San Antonio, TX - Mr. Robert G. Devlin Jr.
St. George's Kindergarten, Nashville, TN
St. George's Episcopal Church, Nashville, TN
St. James Day School, Texarkana, TX - Ms. Cheryl Brown
Saint James Episcopal Church, Monkton, MD
St. John's Episcopal School, Odessa, TX
St. John's Episcopal School, Rancho Santa Margarita - Michael D. Pratt, Ph.D.
The Very Rev. Alston Johnson in honor of Dr. Chris Carter, Head of School,
St. Mark's Cathedral School, Shreveport, LA

St. Mark's Cathedral School, Shreveport, LA in honor of David Schnabel
St. Mark's Episcopal School, Houston, TX
St. Mark's Episcopal School, St. Mark the Evangelist Episcopal Church, Fort Lauderdale, FL
St. Mark's-in-the-Valley Episcopal Church and Preschool, Los Olivos, CA
St. Martin's Episcopal School, Atlanta, GA
St. Mary's Episcopal Day School, Tampa, FL
St. Patrick's Episcopal Day School, Washington, DC
St. Paul's School, Concord, NH
St. Philip's Episcopal Church & School, Coral Gables, FL
Saint Stephen's Episcopal School, Bradenton, FL - Janet S. Pullen, Ed.D
St. Thomas Episcopal Parish School, Coral Gables, FL
The William Chinnick Charitable Foundation