Principles of Good Practice for Equity and Justice in Episcopal Schools

By weaving the principles of equity and justice into the very fabric of the school’s overall life, Episcopal schools ensure that their missions are built on the sure foundation of a Christian love that guides and challenges all who attend our schools to build lives of genuine meaning, purpose and service. Adopted by the NAES Governing Board in 2013, this document outlines ideals to which Episcopal schools aspire. It is intended to assist Episcopal schools of all sizes and constellations in their efforts to develop meaningful programs, policies, and curricula, and serves as a useful tool for the ongoing assessment of this work. Read More »

Episcopal Church Stance on Vaccinations

At its June 10-13, 2019 meeting, the Executive Council of General Convention passed the following resolutions pertaining to the issue of vaccination. The role of the Executive Council is to "oversee the execution of the program and policies adopted by the General Convention" and thus reflects the formal position of The Episcopal Church on this topic. Read More »

Principles of Good Practice for the Study of Religion in Episcopal Schools

Approved by the NAES Governing Board in April 2010, this document offers best practices and recommendations for all Episcopal schools when formulating and assessing their religious studies curricula; outlining the qualities sought in teachers of religion; and learning to understand the distinctions to be found between Episcopal parishes and Episcopal schools with regard to this topic. Read More »

Principles of Good Practice for Chapel and Worship in Episcopal Schools

Approved by the NAES Governing Board in April 2011, this document highlights the crucial components of a comprehensive, meaningful, and age-appropriate approach to worship and chapel in Episcopal schools as reflected in the Association's diverse membership. NAES urges all schools to use them as part of the context in which they formulate and assess this most crucial expression of their Episcopal identity. Read More »

Principles of Good Practice for School Ministry in Episcopal Schools

The ministry of a school chaplain, in Episcopal schools, is both a time-honored one, as well as one that currently exists amidst a great deal of change. Given the increasingly fluid and complex religious landscape of our culture, chaplains now minister in a school community that is increasingly diverse: in most schools a variety of religions are represented as well as an increasing numbers of students, parents, and faculty who come to the school with no experience with any religious tradition. Adopted by the NAES Governing Board in 2016, this document offers these principles of good practice to highlight the potential for school chaplaincy, as well as to serve as a resource for a school in a variety of ways. Read More »