Racial Justice Resources for Episcopal Schools

NAES Members: Watch this recent panel discussion, Racial Justice and Episcopal Schools, a conversation for heads of school, diversity practitioners, and chaplains.

Naming the Victims of Racial Violence

Here are the names of just some of those who have been killed because of the sins of white supremacy and racism. To add a name to this list, or to submit a correction, please email info@episcopalschools.org.

Selected Resources

The following are a collection of resource from NAES for Episcopal schools to address the issues of racial justice and white supremacy. To suggest a new resource for this page, please email info@episcopalschools.org.

Statements & Essays

The Most Rev. Michael B. Curry, Presiding Bishop
Washington Post — “As a black man, I understand the anger in our streets. But we must still choose love.”

The Diocese of Minnesota
A Statement in Response to the Killing of George Floyd.

The Rt. Rev. Robert C. Wright, Bishop of Atlanta
Statement on the Murder of George Floyd and The Resulting Demonstrations in Atlanta and Elsewhere

The Rev. Daniel R. Heischman, D.D.
Weekly Meditation, “Lessons in Listening and Language”

Jadi Taveras, Head of School, Esperanza Academy
A message to the Esperanza community.

Training for Faculty, Staff, Parents, and Trustees

The following organizations work regularly with independent and Episcopal schools.

Resources for Children

I. Anti-Racist Diversity Book Room
II. Black Lives Matter Instructional Library
Two reading libraries featuring multiple books. Each book is read aloud with illustrations.

Anti-Racist Resource List for Students and Families
A resource from St. Patrick’s Episcopal Day School, Washington, DC.

I. Talking with Our Children About Race
II. A Short Family Guide to Supporting Racial Justice Now
Two blog posts with extensive resources, from Episcopal youth educator Wendy Caire Barrie.

Pollyanna K-8 Racial Literacy Curriculum
Students learn about race in the United States, acquire an awareness of their own racial socialization, and practice skills for engaging in productive conversations about race and racism.

This website offers a plethora of practical guidance and action items to support all children and their families in developing positive racial identities while dismantling racism. 

Resources for Adults

The Episcopal Church: “Responding to Racist Violence”  
The Episcopal Church’s Department of Reconciliation, Justice and Creation Care and the Office of Government Relations have assembled resources to assist individuals, congregations and communities. 

“Take A Selfie for Racial Justice: Thoughts to Spur Reflection and Action”
Mark Mitchell of NAIS offers key questions for independent school leaders in response to brutal murders of Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, and George Floyd.

9 Books on Racism
An excellent, curated reading list; ideal for faculty, parents, trustees, and school leaders.

Scaffolded Anti-Racism Resources
Provides a framework for various stages of understanding racism and dismantling it, along with recommended books, websites, films, podcasts, and articles. Designed primarily for white people, by students at Princeton Theological Seminary.