A Teacher I Once Knew

A masterful middle school English teacher I once knew always began with her students by talking about the kind of classroom community they would create together. We can’t always control the... Read More »

With All the Company of Heaven

Each November, in the wake of All Saints’ Day, I’m reminded that celebrating the saints is a valuable practice for spiritually diverse communities like Episcopal schools. Episcopal... Read More »

Episcopal Schools: Both/And

How do we express our Episcopal identity in our own unique way, as do all Episcopal schools? Our school is a laboratory of sorts in which we have the chance to rejoice together, grieve together,... Read More »

The Chapel Bell

“Do you know what happened to the bell?” I was surprised by how many people asked me that when I became chaplain of St. Andrew’s-Sewanee School. They were asking about the sanctus... Read More »

Confirm Humanity

We’ve all encountered “captchas” online—those wiggly words we re-type to prove that we are not a machine. But recently I encountered wording I had never seen before. It simply... Read More »

STEM Meets Service

STEM and STEAM have hit schools like a tsunami. 3-D printers, “maker spaces” and all things inventive are increasingly part of the curriculum. In part, the STEM movement grew out of... Read More »

The Self-Driving Car

As a child, a road trip to visit a relative or meandering the dirt roads of Vermont instilled in me a great love of driving. I couldn’t wait to be the person behind the wheel. I still take... Read More »