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Episcopal Schools

Episcopal Schools FAQs

Episcopal Identity

  • What distinguishes Episcopal schools?

  • Why does NAES use the term “parish school” and not “parochial school?” Whatโ€™s the difference?

Admissions & Financial Aid

  • Who attends Episcopal schools?

  • Do you have to be a Christian or an Episcopalian to attend an Episcopal school?

  • Is preference given to Episcopalians in admissions?

  • Do Episcopal schools offer financial aid?

  • Do Episcopalians receive a tuition discount or preference in financial aid?

  • Does NAES offer scholarships or financial aid to Episcopal school students?

Chapel, Worship & Study of Religion

  • What are chapel and worship like?

  • What is taught in religion classes?

Governance & Accreditation

  • How are Episcopal schools governed?

  • Who accredits Episcopal schools?

  • How are Episcopal schools funded?


  • What kind of organization is NAES?

  • How is NAES governed?

  • How is NAES related to the Episcopal Church?

  • How does NAES fund its work?

  • When was NAES founded?

  • Where do I send payments and remittances?

  • Where do I send shipments and general correspondence?