Chief Financial Officer/Chief Operations Officer

St. Martin's Episcopal School
Metairie, LA United States

Located just outside of New Orleans, St. Martin’s Episcopal School in Metairie, Louisiana seeks a seasoned CFO/COO.

Position Description: Exempt Fulltime Leadership position

Reports to: Head of School

The CFO/COO is accountable to the school head and, working with appropriate trustee committees, manages the resources of St. Martin’s Episcopal School in support of the students and employees, so that they may achieve the highest possible degree of excellence in the arts, academics, and athletics.  S/he is responsible for the planning, control, accounting and reporting of income, expense, contributed and invested funds of the school. S/he manages all activities designated as business office responsibilities including physical plant and grounds, risk management and insurance, transportation, employee compensation and personnel policies, facilities leasing, city, state and federal government compliance.

The CFO/COO generally attends all regular business meetings of the board of trustees, in order to provide full, accurate, and complete management and financial information as necessary to assist the board in meeting its fiduciary responsibilities. S/he also attends all finance, facilities, risk management and benefits committee meetings and any ad hoc committees concerning finance, plant or compensation. S/he maintains professional relationships with the school’s banks, lawyers, auditors, investment managers, insurance carriers, architects, contractors, vendors, and government regulators.

Those reporting to the CFO/COO include the facilities director, human resource director, accounting specialist, accounts receivable clerk, food service director, auxiliary programs manager and all summer programs managers.


  1. Prepares and reviews financial and budget statements, investment and capital project reports; makes presentations to the head of school, board and committees as appropriate. Keeps head and board informed as to the financial condition of the school.
  2. Coordinates planning, execution and financing of major construction projects at direction of the head of school and board committees.
  3. Monitors all loans and indebtedness, including interfund loans and transfers.
  1. Assembles preliminary annual budget from departmental requests and estimates operating expense and income.
  2. Establishes need and priority of requests in consultation with the head of school, department and division heads, and the curriculum coordinator.
  3. Collaborates with the director of development to articulate operating support targets as part of the annual plan.
  4. Develops recommendations to finance committee for annual tuition increases, financial aid budget, and salary plan increments in consultation with the head of school.
  5. Prepares annual budget proposal for finance committee and board review and approval.
  6. Insures that all expenditures are consistent with the approved budget, or that deviation from the budget is approved in advance by the appropriate authority.
  1. Responsible for establishing and maintaining appropriate procedures and controls for all financial systems, in accordance with AICPA and FASB standards, and for supervision of accounting and bookkeeping personnel.
  2. Supervises business office activities involving payroll, accounts payable, accounts receivable, cash, smart tuition accounts, and financial aid, general ledger, purchasing, employee benefit administration, taxes and other accounting systems.
  3. Coordinates annual independent audit including bad debt, confirmations, and legal contingency matters.
  4. Insures compliance with all government regulations including ADA, OSHA, IRS reporting, hazardous materials, fire/health and building inspections, and EPA issues.
  5. Supervises internal auditing of all financial and accounting systems.
  6. Coordinates relationship with the school’s independent auditors and supervises preparation of work papers for annual audit. Responds to auditor’s administrative recommendations in management letter.
  1. Establishes and supervises the administration of personnel programs and policies as they relate to hiring and termination procedures, time off, Workers’ Compensation, safety, training, performance, evaluation and compensation.
  2. Provides appropriate information to head of school for salary comparisons, both internal and external, including oversight of the preparation of employment contracts.
  3. Supervises hiring of all support staff for the maintenance department.
  4. Supervises maintenance and security of personnel records.
  5. Assists the head of school and the board of trustees in establishing appropriate employee benefit programs. Recommends changes to enhance benefits and/or reduce costs.
  6. Supervises the administration of benefit programs.
  7. Ensures that the school’s personnel policies support its programs and that the school’s actions regarding hiring, compensation, training, promotion and separation conform with state and federal requirements.
  1. Administers accounts receivable and smart tuition accounts and supports the administration of financial aid, and student contracts.
  2. Responsible for oversight and collection of aged accounts receivable.
  3. Works with parents on financial issues relevant to their children’s enrollment at the school.
  4. In collaboration with the director of admission and the head of school, assists in the analysis, review and approval of individual financial aid awards.
  5. Administers the self-insured tuition refund insurance program, including review and approval of claims and dispersing funds.
  1. Supervises and supports the facilities director in establishing and maintaining standards of plant housekeeping, maintenance, and repairs commensurate with the limitations of financial resources available with respect to the preservation of property, safety, the quality of students and faculty life, functional use and esthetic values.
  2. Monitors establishment of priorities and schedule for timely completion of work.
  3. Monitors routine purchases of the department and supervises negotiations and approval of major contracts, work in progress and payments.
  4. Supervises the coordination and scheduling of facilities for both school activities and non-school groups and organizations. Supervises arrangements for outside events, including facilities and services.
  5. Collaborates with the administrative department, faculty and students in energy conservation and recycling projects.
  6. Serves as the school liaison and coordinates planners, architects, engineers, and contractors for campus master planning and major new construction or remodeling projects under the direction of the facilities committee.
  7. Identifies and manages preventative maintenance and capital project initiatives including buildings, mechanical systems, and equipment.
  1. Works with insurance advisors and brokers to ensure that adequate, appropriate and cost-effective insurance is in force, including public liability, property and casualty, directors and officers, and Workers Compensation.
  2. Serves as liaison with the school attorney.
  3. Coordinates with various government and insurance inspectors to ensure that the school is operating consistent with health and safety codes. Insures that violations are corrected in reasonable time and that necessary reports are filed in a timely manner.
  4. Insures that all safety systems are fully functioning and that the security systems are operating at the level specified and within the expectations of the school community.
  5. Advises the head of school of any situations which might have adverse safety or legal consequences for the school.
  1. Supervises and supports the food service director to ensure that we provide a well-balanced, nutritional lunch for 600 students and 125 faculty and staff every day that the school is in session. Additionally, the food service department provides services for many school events and meetings.
  2. Supervises and supports the director of auxiliary services to ensure the operation of the school spirit store, all afterschool and aftercare programs as well as all summer programs.


Accounting, financial analysis, investing, cash management, contract negotiation, verbal and written communication, management of salary/hourly personnel, project planning and management. Facility and grounds management skills as well as project management experience are important.


Certified Public Account (CPA) or master’s degree in business administration, accounting, finance or general management. A minimum of five years of management experience preferably at the senior level of an organization is required. Experience with a non-profit or school is preferred. Broad knowledge of software programs including proficiency with Microsoft excel, word and adobe acrobat. Experience with Blackbaud software highly recommended.

St. Martin’s is actively working to create a diverse work community. Candidates from diverse backgrounds are encouraged to apply. St. Martin’s Episcopal School is an equal opportunity/affirmative action employer.

St. Martin’s does not discriminate in employment on the basis of race, religious creed, color, national origin, ancestry, physical disability, mental disability, medical condition, marital status, sex, gender or gender identity, age, sexual orientation, or any other status protected by applicable federal, state, or local law.

Contact Information

To apply, please submit a resume, list of three references, and cover letter explaining your interest in and qualifications for this position, which begins July 1, 2022, to Angela Day at