Dean of College Advising

St. Paul's School
Concord, NH United States

St. Paul’s School is accepting applications for our next Dean of College Advising to begin employment July 1, 2024.


Reporting to the Rector and collaborating continually with members of the senior administrative team, the Dean of College Advising leads the School’s efforts to ensure the excellence of our program in College Advising and to educate and prepare students and their parents for well-being and success in the college admissions process.  The Dean leads the School’s College Advising team to coordinate and ensure the program’s integrity, excellence, and complete alignment with the mission and goals of St. Paul’s School. The Dean leads the team in maintaining strong working relationships with colleges and universities, keeps the School abreast of latest trends and information in the field, and designs and develops the School’s plan for submitting materials to colleges and universities in support of our students.  As spokesperson for the School to our college and university counterparts, the Dean must be an excellent communicator in both writing and in speech who is a trusted and experienced educator in addition to being a highly regarded professional in the field.  And as a member of the senior administrative team, the Dean works closely with the Rector and the team on the School’s well-being in all realms, from strategic planning to policies and practices.  This position requires full engagement, alignment with the School’s missions and goals, and enthusiasm for working with teenagers and families through the complex college admissions process.

In addition to working well with our students, the Dean of College Advising plays an important role in parental relations and program development for parents. The Dean’s ability to instill confidence in parents and to manage and appropriately embrace them as partners in support of students plays a critical role in maintaining a successful advising program that serves our students and families well.

With the support of our Communications department, the Dean of College Advising also oversees the materials and writing created by the College Advising team and thus must be an excellent writer and editor.

As a highly visible School leader, the Dean of College Advising possesses a lively and powerful intellect and is a high-capacity, principled professional whose life and professional experience reflect personal and professional intellectual strengths and curiosity; personal traits of empathy and understanding; and great skills with collaboration, problem-solving, and positivity.

Primary Duties and Responsibilities

Leadership of the College Advising Program: The Dean of College Advising leads a team of faculty College Advisers and support staff who guide students and their families through the college application process.  Specific duties for the Dean include but are not limited to:

  • Management and oversight of the College Advising faculty and staff, including development of the strengths and interests of the team through professional development and other opportunities;
  • On-going development and oversight of a comprehensive, developmentally appropriate, effective four-year college counseling process that educates, guides, and supports students and families through the college admissions process;
  • Design and implementation of updated and effective materials, meetings and presentations for students, parents, and faculty that help prepare students from early years at St. Paul’s School through the application process in the Sixth Form year;
  • Collaboration with the College Advising team on timely workshops on financial aid, recruiting, and scholarship search and application processes, including leadership for special scholarship search, application, and award nomination processes;
  • Oversight and management of the faculty letter of recommendation process;
  • Oversight and management of the program and calendar of all standardized testing for students, including student choice regarding testing options; create summary reports on standardized tests and matriculation results to provide information to other school administrators;
  • Oversight, maintenance of, and updating College Office publications, including the school profile and all Handbooks. Develop and update the College Advising Handbook to document and communicate the School’s College Advising policies and practices;
  • Oversight and management of the tracking of student college applications and acceptances and coordination of data for school use.

Collaboration and Networking Responsibilities: The Dean will lead our efforts to:

  • Establish and maintain strong relationships with college and university admissions directors and offices, including organizing on-campus mini-fairs, visiting campuses, and attending professional conferences and meetings;
  • As a member of the School’s senior administrative team, contribute to the discussion of the School’s external relations and presence;
  • Coordinate with the Dean of Academic Affairs and other administrators to ensure that our academic program continues to evolve to support the needs of St. Paul’s School students as they approach college and life;
  • Coordinate with the Admissions Office to oversee the distribution of supplemental financial aid for students to ensure all students’ equitable access to the college process.
  • Work closely with the Rector on matters relating to the School’s Board of Trustees and other external constituencies.

Management Responsibilities:

  • Manage the College Advising faculty and staff, including annual evaluations and professional development;
  • In collaboration with the Dean of Faculty and Human Resource offices, lead hiring efforts for open positions;
  • Oversee the budget process for the College Advising program and administer budget;
  • Oversee the maintenance of technology for college advising and the office’s presence on the School’s website;
  • Prepare and present reports at Board meetings and other School meetings as directed by the Rector;
  • Participate on committees as necessary and advisable, including strategic planning and school accreditation;
  • Perform other duties as assigned by the Rector.


Job Specifications

  • Master’s degree or equivalent preferred;
  • 5-7 years of successful leadership in college advising or college admissions;
  • Model a commitment to professional and personal ethics, including kindness, empathy, and caring for others;
  • Embrace the faculty role by immersion in the community, show a presence at events, and serve as a House adviser, coach, club adviser, or other roles as necessary and appropriate for a member of the senior faculty (including house and campus supervision duties);
  • Excellent leadership, collaboration, and communication skills;
  • Ability to use data and information effectively in planning and decision-making;
  • Possess a high degree of energy and flexibility;
  • High level of diplomacy to manage interpersonal interactions;
  • Strong commitment to inclusion and cultural competency;
  • Organized, energetic, and forward-looking;
  • Ability to manage highly confidential information;
  • Strong work ethic and willingness to travel.


St. Paul’s is a completely residential, co-educational, Episcopal, secondary school in Concord, NH, welcoming to all faiths. St. Paul’s seeks applications from candidates who will promote the School’s commitment to attracting and retaining a highly talented and diverse faculty. A successful candidate will embrace the fully residential living experience and have a demonstrated gift for engaging a diverse student body and strengthening the St. Paul’s School inclusive community. In addition to teaching or administrative responsibilities, faculty at St. Paul’s School are responsible for a variety of activities typical to the boarding school environment, including advising, dormitory association, coaching, committee work and other duties.

Contact Information

TO APPLY: St. Paul’s School has engaged Carney Sandoe to assist with this search.  Please contact Ben Bolte,, confidentially if you’re considering applying.

For consideration, applicants will need to send resume/CV, letter of intent, and later, a list of five references with contact information (references will not be contacted until the candidate is notified) to