Director of Advanced Studies Program

St. Paul's School
Concord, NH United States


The Advanced Studies Program was founded in 1957 by St. Paul’s School to provide talented New Hampshire public and parochial high school students with inspiring educational opportunities otherwise unavailable to them. More than 12,000 students in the academic top quartile of their high school classes have participated in the program since its inception. Students apply in the winter of their sophomore or junior year for attendance in the following summer. The ASP offers robust financial aid; for the summer of 2023, 45% of students will receive aid.

The fully-residential program takes place for 5 weeks each summer, from late June to early August.  The program stresses academic and personal growth, as students learn to live together and share in the school community. Students participate in one major course of their choosing and in a writing workshop class required for all.  The academic program is framed by elements of a traditional prep school experience, such as participatory Chapel services, daily athletics and clubs opportunities and weekend social activities. Additionally, all students take part in a comprehensive college counseling program and in the New Hampshire Leadership Institute, a curriculum and speaker series exploring the attributes of leadership.

Selected in a competitive admissions process, in 2023, 170 students will represent over 50 high schools from around the state.  The average class size is 12, with a student to faculty + intern ratio of 4 to 1.  The ASP employs approximately 20 college-aged interns, as well as approximately 20 master teachers and 10 House supervisors.  The ASP has an additional staff including an athletic director, 2 college counselors, 3 assistant directors, a chaplain, and an organist, for an overall staff of 50+ adults.

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POSITION DESCRIPTION: Reporting to the Rector of St. Paul’s School, the Director of the ASP assumes leadership and full responsibility for developing, coordinating, and implementing this comprehensive residential, academic summer program.  This is a full-year administrative position; faculty or staff status is negotiable.  If faculty status, added duties during the regular SPS school year (specifically coaching, advising, and residential duties) will be required, and as with all SPS faculty positions, the ASP Director (if faculty) will be required to live on the SPS campus.  If staff status, on-campus housing during the program will be provided.

RESPONSIBILITIES: The Director’s specific responsibilities include but are not limited to:

  • All aspects of student recruitment, selection, and financial aid awards;
  • Supervising and coordinating work of the Associate Director(s);
  • Faculty and intern recruitment, hiring, supervision, and evaluation;
  • Curriculum review and development;
  • With the support and engagement of the School’s Communications team, creation and publication of all materials (viewbooks, reports, newsletter, web-based publications) for the program;
  • With the support and engagement of the School’s Advancement team, leading efforts for annual and capital fundraising;
  • Working directly with the School’s CFO and Business Office on all budget, insurance, and buildings and grounds-related issues;
  • Working with the School’s Vice Rector for School Life to create and execute appropriate training and reporting protocols for compliance with all NH laws and school agreements regarding student safety and reporting requirements;
  • Coordinating ASP needs with the School’s Athletics and Arts Departments, Facilities Department, Safety Department, Food Services, and Health Center;
  • Coordinating and supporting the meetings and activities of the ASP Board of Overseers;
  • Supervising the ASP’s administrative staff;
  • Working with the School’s Office of Human Resources  regarding all matters connected to the hiring and on-boarding of ASP faculty and staff.

REQUIREMENTS AND QUALIFICATIONS: The ASP Director is the face and voice of an important SPS program and constantly interacts with the general public.  Excellent communication and social skills are required, as well as strong personal organizational and executive function skills.  An entrepreneurial bent will be a significant advantage.  When students are in residence on campus, the Director must be in residence as well throughout the program and is ultimately responsible for student safety and well-being.

EDUCATION: Bachelor’s degree required; master’s degree preferred.

EXPERIENCE: The successful candidate will have at least 3-5 years’ experience in education (preferably residential), and offer significant managerial and/or leadership experience.

OTHER QUALIFICATIONS: Experience with the ASP and a knowledge of and appreciation for New Hampshire will be an advantage.

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