Elementary Learning Specialist

Washington Episcopal School
Bethesda, MD United States

Elementary School Learning Specialist Responsibilities

Washington Episcopal School seeks an Elementary School Learning Specialist for the 2023 – 2024 school year.  The Specialist will support students, teachers, and parents in ensuring academic success for all students in grades 2-5. 

Student Support/Instruction

  • Observe, monitor, evaluate, and document student progress utilizing appropriate measures and assessment tools/methods.
  • Provide direct instruction to students in reading, phonics, writing, grammar, mathematics, executive functioning, and study skills.

Teacher Support

  • Collaborate as an active leader of the Student Support Team.
  • Assist teachers with collecting and interpreting assessments (formative and summative) to determine student progress and the effectiveness of interventions and strategies.
  • Develop Student Accommodation Plan summaries for teachers from external evaluations.
  • Meet regularly with teams of teachers and administrators to discuss and share student learning needs and accommodations, as well as strategies for effective instruction.
  • Serve on the Admission Committee to screen and review all candidates.
  • Provide professional development and consultation to faculty regarding learning instructional differences, instructional best practices, and curriculum development.

Standardized Testing

  • Support the administration of MAP Growth testing for students in Grades 2- 8.


Parent Support

  • Serve as the point of contact for families of students with learning differences.
  • Actively develop strong relationships with parents and serve as a guide and support; maintain regular communication with parents.
  • Oversee testing referrals and summarize findings from evaluations in Student Evaluation and Accommodation Plans summaries.
  • Coordinate and lead review of Student Evaluation and Accommodation Plans summaries with families and teachers.
  • Provide information about learning differences and help families navigate testing procedures and referrals.
  • Coordinate speech/language and occupational therapy screening, schedule tutors and outside service providers/therapists.

Minimum Qualifications 

  • Bachelor’s degree (Master’s degree preferred) in special education or a related field and demonstrated expertise working with students with diverse needs.
  • Minimum 3-5 years experience working with students in a special education setting, preferably in middle school.
  • Solid knowledge base in learning differences and skill in implementing evidence-based strategies.
  • The ability to interpret neuropsychological evaluations and make recommendations as needed. 
  • Experience and comfort collaborating with and presenting to faculty, administrators, and parents. 
  • Strong oral and written communication skills


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