Executive Director, Commission on Schools

The Diocese of Los Angeles
Los Angeles, CA

Category: Part-time exempt
Department: Commission on Schools Office

The Diocese of Los Angeles and the Commission on Schools are seeking a lay or ordained person with school, preschool, and/or parish leadership experience to be a part of the diocesan staff beginning Summer, 2022. Being an Episcopalian is not required but is preferable, and a non-Episcopalian must be willing to fully understand, articulate, and support the ministries of Episcopal schools and preschools. The position is 1000 hours per year, benefits eligible, with the work schedule to be determined by the needs of the position with respect to the school year and diocesan considerations.

Job Statement:

The Executive Director of the Commission on Schools is appointed by the Bishop, with consultation and recommendation from the Commission on Schools, and reports to the Bishop Diocesan or their designee.

The position is 1000 hours per year; benefit-eligible. 

Duties and Responsibilities:

  1. Administration/Relationship with the Diocesan Commission on Schools
    • In consultation with the Commission Chair, establishes agenda and schedules meetings of the Commission
    • Reports to Commission on Schools at its regular meetings
    • Assists Commission in carrying out canonical and administrative responsibilities
    • Creates and administers an annual budget to be approved by the Commission
    • Collects and tracks dues and donations from member schools and individuals
    • Prepares such reports as required by the Diocese
    • Advises and assists efforts to start new schools
    • Explores fund development in support of the activities of the Commission
    • Acts as the Bishop’s primary advisor on church/school relations
    1. Administers the Franklin Fund/Commission on Schools Fund grants
  • Representation
    • Reports on Commission activity and seeks support as appropriate from the Bishop and Diocese with regard to any issues which may affect schools
    • Serves as a member of Diocesan committees for which school input would be useful, notably the Insurance Committee
    • Reports when called upon to Diocesan Council
    • Serves as a resource during searches for clergy for parishes with schools and preschools
    • Acts as advocate for and representative of Episcopal Schools to the Diocese and to the Bishop
    • Raises Diocesan and public awareness regarding the role of Episcopal schools as a ministry of the Church
    • Is responsible for the revision and publishing of the Diocesan School Directory and the on-line directory  
    • Coordinates efforts with, supports, and advocates for NAES (the National Association of Episcopal Schools) within the Diocese, and represents the Diocese to NAES
    • Acts as liaison with affiliates:  CAPSO, NAEYC, NAIS, CAIS, WASC, etc.  Serves as a member of the CAPSO (California Association of Private Schools Organizations) Board of Directors or if necessary arranges for an appropriate representative to serve
    • Furthers positive public relations for Episcopal Schools through coordination with the Diocesan Communications Office
    • Represents Diocesan schools at the annual Diocesan convention and at the NAES Biennial Conference
    • Works to develop relationships with Diocesan leadership, schools, and preschools in the other California Dioceses
    • Serves as an active member of the St. Paul’s Commons staff
  • School Relations
    • Oversees and manages the Diocesan Certification Process for member schools, including team visits, site documentation, preparation of certification reports, and accreditation certificates
    • Encourages and supports establishment, maintenance and refinement of standards by individual schools and parishes within the Diocese
    • Assists with accreditation by other professional bodies, including NAEYC, CAIS, WASC, etc.
    • Assists schools and preschools to participate in the DASL survey which includes tuition, salaries, and benefits data for benchmarking purposes
    • Serves as a resource for Heads, Preschool Directors, Boards, Rectors and Vicars, and others regarding governance issues, connection with the wider world of Episcopal Schools and independent schools, and other subjects that may arise, providing advice, counsel, and resource recommendations to schools and parishes demonstrating a need for diocesan support
  • Education
    • Promotes Episcopal identity in schools and preschools through education about mission, community service, chapel, school climate, social justice issues, inclusion, religious/character/ethics instruction, children’s spirituality, and any other areas which contribute to a vibrant and healthy Episcopal community   
    • Promotes and conducts Child Abuse and Adult Sexual Misconduct Prevention Training
    • Maintains communication with schools through regular mailings
    • Is available for consultation with school boards, parent groups, and vestries on school related matters
    • Organizes workshops and meetings for members of the Episcopal community
    • Organizes group services and networks
    • Consults with parishes seeking to establish a school or preschool

Contact Information

Please send a cover letter, resume, and a reference list to Canon Anilin Collado via email at anilincollado@ladiocese.org or by postal mail at 840 Echo Park Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90026 no later than March 1.