Head Chaplain

Holy Trinity Episcopal Academy
Melbourne, FL United States

1. Priest ordained in the Episcopal Church or currently in the ordination process.
2. Master’s degree in Divinity.
3. Experience with student populations in all grade levels, with an emphasis on 7-12.
4. Physically able to perform assigned duties.

Ability to relate positively with students of all ages and religious backgrounds. A strong foundation of faith, spirituality and religious knowledge. A pastoral, collaborative, dynamic, and thoughtful leadership style. Outstanding interpersonal and communications skills. Ability to see the promises and possibilities in people. Humility, complemented with a good sense of humor. Musical gifts helpful.

REPORTS TO: President for day-to-day planning, implementation, and goal setting. Collaborative role with parish clergy, with acknowledgement that the rector of Holy Trinity Episcopal Church has spiritual direction of the school.

SUPERVISES: Collaborates with Lower School Chaplain


A. Work Habits
1. Work with all major departments and divisions to achieve strategic initiatives.
2. Maintain professionalism in punctuality, dress, speech and manner.
3. Communicate and deal effectively with all members of the school community and community at large.
4. Perform in a manner that reflects positively on the school.
5. Perform all duties as requested by the President.
6. Maintains a pattern of prompt and regular attendance.

B. Essential Functions
1. Serve on the Leadership Team as a resource and standard bearer for Episcopal Identity in the school.
2. Plan, Schedule, and Conduct a minimum of 3 Chapel services per week and monthly Eucharist services.
3. Create an eucharist support team and work with Eucharistic Ministers.
4. Plan and implement special services of worship such as Founders’ Day, Veteran’s Day, and Baccalaureate, Ash Wednesday, Maundy Thursday, Grandparent’s Day, and Thanksgiving Basket Blessing, fostering student involvement via the Chapel Council and the Chapel Leader programs.
5. Coordinate special memorial services as needed (i.e. tribute to Parkland victims).
6. Mentor, and collaborate with, the Lower School chaplain on matters of mutual interest, including serving as celebrant at Lower School Eucharist services.
7. Share the school’s identity as an Episcopal school to all prospective candidates for employment and for trustee positions at the school.
8. In collaboration with the Human Resource Director, enforce all aspects of the Safeguarding God’s Children program, including leading regular Safeguarding Trainings and maintaining accurate records in the Safeguarding Records system.
9. Provide spiritual direction and counsel to the President, students, and staff.
10. Be present and interact with the students before and after school as well as lunchtimes and breaks.
11. Foster an environment of Christian hospitality, welcoming to all.
12. Work with Head of Junior High and Lower School Chaplain to identify monthly virtues for the school year and work to infuse these virtues into the daily activities of the Junior High Students
13. Work with Head of Junior High and Junior High faculty and staff to Plan and Implement Character Education program for 7th and 8th grade
14. Co-Teach with the Student Services Specialist the 7th and 8th grade boys Character Education
15. Assist with morning and afternoon carlines.
16. Send out communications to JH students, JH faculty and JH parents regarding monthly Character education information
17. Teach up to 2 (two) Upper School classes each semester as needed as well as a summer Ethics course.
18. Provide pastoral care to the full breadth and diversity of school students, faculty, groups, and families, as needed.
19. Communicate with Faculty and Staff on all student deaths or family deaths; with the permission of the family.
20. Make hospital visits to any seriously ill student or staff member.
21. Provide oversight to a program of Christian education for preschool through 12th grade inclusive of theology, biblical studies, world religions, and morals and ethics.
22. Support prayer times, bible study and retreat opportunities for faculty and students.
23. Lead and provide support for Chapel Counsel Students.
24. Work with the Praise Band to incorporate Christian music into weekly Chapel time.
25. Foster and promote the school’s ongoing relationship with its sister school in Haiti, St. Sacrement in Fond Parisien, with a regular program of visits, fund- and friend-raising on its behalf.
26. Supervise and maintain the Upper School’s community service program.
27. Foster a spirit of Christ’s love in the school community.
28. Attend the biennial NAES conference and promote NAES programs and resources to the school.
29. Assist in supervision of students, as assigned. (i.e. carline, lunch duty, break time)

C. Training and Experience

1. Maintains expertise in assigned areas.
2. Participates successfully in professional learning opportunities available to increase skill and proficiency related to assignment.
3. Participates successfully in computer training and/or maintain skills necessary to achieve proficiency of performance responsibilities.

D. Personal Qualities

1. Demonstrates a positive attitude toward work assignment.
2. Accepts responsibility for work assignment.
3. Accepts constructive criticism.
4. Upholds the strictest of confidentiality in all work.

Contact Information

To submit your application, please visit this link: http://www.htacademy.org/employment
Please also send a resume to Renee Smith at rsmith@htes.org