Junior Varsity Tennis Coach

Trinity Preparatory School of Florida
Winter Park, FL United States

Position Description:

The Trinity Preparatory School seeks applications for part-time junior varsity tennis coach. A qualified candidate will be expected to assist student-athletes at practice and at matches with technical instruction and training for their events. This leader must possess strong organization, communication, problem solving, leadership, and multitasking skills. 

The Junior Varsity Tennis Coach will exemplify Trinity Prep’s four Core Leadership Competencies that apply to all employees of the organization: 

  • Demonstrates Self-Awareness
  • Ensures Accountability
  • Communicates Effectively
  • Cultivates Innovation

The Junior Varsity Tennis Coach will demonstrate the following Coaching Leadership Competencies that apply to all members of the Athletic Department:   

  • Build Effective Teams 
  • Decision Quality 
  • Directs Work 

Duties and Responsibilities: 

  • Serve as a role-model to develop sportsmanship – both on and off the court.
  • Organize and facilitate regularly scheduled practices with emphasis on development and implement game strategy.
  • Observe and guide the discipline and conduct of student athletes to reinforce our core values, specifically our belief in the educational excellence of the athletics program.
  • Interact regularly with student athletes to maintain a safe learning environment both social-emotionally and physically.   
  • Provide feedback and coaching to team members individually and in pairs while demonstrating game techniques throughout the season.
  • Encourage new student athlete participation and motivate players to continue their growth and development.
  • Inspect the equipment and facilities to ensure safe conditions. 
  • Perform job-related duties as assigned.  

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