K-8 Learning Catalyst

Trinity Episcopal School
Charlotte, NC United States

Trinity Episcopal School is seeking a K-8 Learning Catalyst. This employee is a member of the faculty and reports directly to the Assistant Head of School for Academics. This 10.5-month, full-time, exempt position meets regularly with the Lower School and Middle School Administrative Teams. In support of the School’s Mission Statement where “a student of Trinity is challenged to academic excellence while honored as an individual with unique potential,” the K-8 Learning Catalyst will strive to maximize the learning potential of all students through teacher, parent, and student support, collaboration, and education. Though our curriculum allows our teachers to differentiate instruction for students where needed, some students may need additional interventions and/or accommodations in the classroom and beyond to ensure success. Specifically, the K-8 Learning Catalyst will work closely with teachers to support curriculum implementation and instructional differentiation. The K-8 Learning Catalyst leads the Student Support team, which includes the division heads, academic deans, school counselors, and teachers.  The K-8 Learning Catalyst supports the work of the School by promoting the mission, values, and policies of Trinity Episcopal School. Finally, like all other faculty, the K-8 Learning Catalyst will assist the overall educational efforts of the school by participating whenever and wherever he/she can.Primary Responsibilities: The K-8 Learning Catalyst’s primary responsibilities include the following:

General Administration and Responsibilities  

  • Lead and manage all scheduling for bi-weekly Learning Catalyst meetings with each grade level in the Lower School, and weekly meetings with all teachers in the Middle School, to discuss the needs of students, create a plan for success and implement strategies that support those students. Learning Catalyst meetings are also attended by the Student Support Team which includes the division head, academic dean, school counselor, and community life representative
  • Provide resources and materials for teachers and parents to support academic success and differentiation
  • Assess the academic and behavioral needs of both current and potential students. For the latter, work closely with the Admission team in determining the academic readiness for all applicants
  • Coordinate and update student testing, records, and transition notes, and communicate this information, as well as information on learning differences and classroom strategies, to teachers and other appropriate staff
  • Attend parent/teacher conferences when needed 
  • Maintain professional contacts with Charlotte area specialists, such as psychologists, speech therapists, occupational therapists and tutors, offer recommendations of outside services when appropriate and serve as a liaison between the school and outside professionals.

Faculty: Meet regularly with lower school and middle school teaching teams to determine the learning strategies and the developmental needs of students. Specifically this person will:  

  • Collaborate daily to support teachers and instructional assistants in the classroom in the area of curriculum and instructional differentiation.
  • Act as a resource to faculty by modeling instructional strategies, identifying and developing curricular and instructional resources 
  • Monitor and evaluate the curricular and instructional programming in support of providing appropriate differentiation support for all learners
  • Use all available data and assessment to proactively plan for differences (small guided groups, curricular resources, homework, etc) with research-based and specific learning strategies
  • Design and facilitate effective professional development workshops and opportunities for faculty and staff members 
  • Partner with the Academic Deans, Digital Learning Catalyst, English Language Learning Catalyst, and School Counselors in support of student learning needs, differentiation, and social-emotional support

Families: Support the parents and guardians of students, specifically those with learning differences. Specifically, this person will: 

  • Guide families through the process of psychological educational testing, 504 and IEP planning as needed and appropriate
  • Design and present parent engagement opportunities to support families as partners with the school. 
  • Provide resources and other materials to families in support of the teaching and learning needs of students
  • Serve as a liaison to the parent affinity group and its members
  • Coordinate the Trinity Tutors which connects faculty to students in support of learning
  • Coordinate and manage outside services such as speech therapy, Orton-Gillingham tutoring, and Occupational Therapy for students

Students: In collaboration with teachers, work with students using a “push-in” model to provide academic support, differentiation, and organizational skills with an emphasis on literacy and mathematics. Specifically this person will:

  • Advocate for the needs of students with learning differences, including advanced and struggling learners. 
  • Meet one-on-one and with small groups of students to support their differentiation needs
  • Teach, advise, or assist in conducting support groups for students where needed

Contact Information

Apply via the website found on our careers page at https://www.tescharlotte.org/careers