Lower and Middle School Librarian

St. Andrew's Episcopal School
Austin, TX United States

Lower and Middle School Librarian

St. Andrew’s Episcopal School seeks to hire a Lower and Middle School Librarian to build a safe and engaging library community and to scaffold and differentiate lessons and experiences for students as needed, creating a program that meets the needs of a wide variety of learners. We seek a passionate and collaborative leader to join our strong, thoughtful, and dynamic faculty, sustain our outstanding program and imagine and bring new perspectives to our work. This role will commence in August 2023.

The Rollins Library is located on the 31st Street Campus of the Lower School.  Natural light fills the over 7,000 square-foot space consisting of a main library space, two offices, work room, “story-time” area, three teaching areas, and two areas with comfortable seating. During the school day the library may be filled with student classes, group meetings for parents, teachers, or students, BTC (Beyond the Classroom, our after-school program), and many other activities.

Job Goals:

1) To ensure that students are ethical and effective users and creators of ideas and information; 2) to empower students to be critical thinkers, enthusiastic readers, skillful researchers, and savvy users of information; 3) to promote intellectual curiosity in all and ensure access to information and ideas; 4) to collaborate with classroom teachers and specialists to design and implement lessons and units of instruction, integrate information literacy skills at the point of need, and assess student learning and instructional effectiveness; 5) to develop a contemporary and engaging library program based on current research and student interest; and 6) to provide the leadership and expertise necessary to ensure that the school library program is aligned with the mission, goals, and objectives of the School and is an integral component of teaching and learning.


  • A love of working with children of all ages and an understanding of the K-8 developmental span.
  • An MLIS degree, and experience in modern school librarianship, including teaching students and guiding learners with all relevant aspects of technology and media.
  • Prior elementary / middle school library experience is preferable.
  • Preferred candidates will have two years of classroom experience.
  • Project management skills.


  • Create and maintain a vibrant K-8 library, provide excellent instruction, and maintain effective communication with colleagues, parents, and students.
  • Establish a safe and inclusive library environment where students feel comfortable taking risks through self-discovery, collaboration, and community engagement.
  • Demonstrate a commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion.
  • Design and deliver curriculum and instruction in literary appreciation, as well as research and presentation skills as appropriate to each grade level.
  • Create and maintain a scoped and sequenced library and media curriculum that prepares students to navigate multiple forms of media.
  • Collaborate with teachers to design an integrated curriculum with rich content and cultural competency at the center.
  • Manage, maintain, and develop the library in both the physical space and materials and the digital world, such as the school website and online resources such as information databases.
  • Manage the budget of all Library and related expenditures.
  • Oversee and manage a team of parent library volunteers who help staff the library space and assist with library-related tasks.
  • Provide project management for events and broader library initiatives such as the Book Fair, Library Angels (parents reading to students), and more. This includes managing a master calendar of all events that take place in the shared library space.


  • Program build – partner with administrators and faculty to reimagine the library space for the next generation of students.

The Lower and Middle School Librarian position is a full-time, academic-year faculty position. The Librarian ordinarily works additional days following the close of school and before the start of the next academic year to complete library tasks and prepare for the school’s opening and new student/staff orientation and professional training as needed. Salary is competitive, faculty compensation is based on educational attainment and experience.

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