LS Music: Support Teacher and Family Leave Replacement (Part Time)

Grace Church School
New York, NY United States

Grace Church School’s mission of fostering academic excellence, ethical values, and an inclusive community anchors our program and informs our pedagogy and curriculum, preparing our students to lead meaningful and productive lives.  The school nurtures and educates the whole child, understanding that our humanity comprises mind, body, heart, and spirit. We celebrate our differences, respect our diversity, and embrace our shared human experience.

About the position

Grace seeks an enthusiastic and knowledgeable music educator to serve from September–December as a co-teacher of our first and second grade music education classes and then from January–June as the head teacher of those same classes.

Primary responsibilities will include:

  • Teaching general music with a sequential music reading program to our first and second graders.
  • Supporting the integrated curriculum of the lower school, finding opportunities to link lessons taught in music class to the work children are doing in other subjects.
  • Assisting during the first half of the year with instruction delivered remotely by the lead teacher and working with that teacher to design a curriculum that is safe and effective for students

Ideal candidates will have a degree in music education, competence on the piano, and a positive and collaborative attitude.  We welcome applicants with a background in instrumental pedagogy and experience in the methods of Kodaly, Orff, or Dalcroze Eurhythmics.

The individual who fills this position will take on other supervisory duties (e.g., lunch and study hall supervision).

Grace has developed detailed plans for how to reopen safely in the coming year.  Initial interviews for this position will take place on Zoom.

Our Commitment to Equity, Inclusion, and Anti-Racism:

Grace Church School seeks to provide its students with an outstanding education and with the desire to use it to make the world a better place.  Every facet of our work is enhanced by the diversity and strength of our community. We believe that equity and inclusion are not only hallmarks of a just society, but also virtues essential to sound learning.  And so, Grace seeks to recognize and honor the unique gifts of its students, families, faculty, and staff—and the cultures, beliefs, values, and experiences that have shaped them—striving always to cultivate mutual understanding, humility, respect, and kindness.

But inclusion is not enough and equity is an impossibility if we cannot name, acknowledge, and oppose the forces of racism and all forms of bias, hate, and fear that exist in our society and that seek to diminish so many in our midst.  Knowing this, we commit ourselves to the work of anti-racism and to the cause of justice: that all students may find in Grace a home, may learn from Grace their precious worth, and may hear from Grace a call to serve the common good and the dignity of humanity.

Contact Information

Interested applicants can apply by submitting a résumé and cover letter through the employment page of our school website.