Middle School Social Science Faculty

Trinity Preparatory School of Florida
Winter Park, FL United States

Trinity is seeking applicants for a full-time middle school social science faculty position. A
preferred candidate has middle school experience with a history background and the ability to
teach all levels. Qualified candidates must have the ability to develop meaningful relationships
with highly motivated students from diverse backgrounds. Teachers should plan to be an
integral component of the students’ lives, in and out of the classroom, and to collaborate with
colleagues on grade-level teams, and serve as members of the social science department.
Trinity Prep has a one-to-one laptop program, and students use technology in a variety of ways
in every discipline. Students use technology in a variety of ways: integrating electronic
textbooks, using Google Docs and Forms for assignments, and using blended models to ignite
teacher-student interaction. Using our learning management system Canvas and participating in
the advisory program are required professional standards. This position will remain open until

Contact Information

Interested candidates should complete an application through the below link: https://trinityprep.simplication.com/Applicant/AttSearchex.aspx?DirectLink=1