Preschool Director

St. David's Preschool
Roswell, GA United States

Responsible for daily administrative needs of the preschool and supervision of all preschool personnel. Oversees the implementation of age-appropriate curriculum activities in a warm, nurturing, safe, and loving environment where self-concepts are enhanced, independence encouraged, and individuality respected.

The tasks, duties, and responsibilities of this job include, but are not limited to:

• Onboarding: responsible for all staffing recruitment, screening, hiring, and training
• Teacher Handbook: prepare, update, and distribute the Teacher Handbook
• Performance Review: regularly observe teachers, document staff performance, conduct annual staff evaluation; including written evaluation reports and individual conference for each staff member
• Employee Supervision: manage staff of 15 plus employees, monitor attendance, maintain open-door for concerns, mediate conflict situations, and implement disciplinary process when needed including termination
• Professional Development: keep staff to expected standards of training by scheduling in-service training and first aid/CPR instruction, schedule teacher in-service

Administrative Duties
• Parish Relations: attend parish staff meetings, prepare annual report, act as a liaison between the parish and the preschool
• Calendar: Establish school calendar, create staff planning calendar, and update parish calendar with events
• Building and Grounds: convey general building maintenance needs to appropriate parish staff, responsible for playground upkeep, and oversee building cleanliness in hallways, restrooms, and preschool classrooms
• Scheduling/Events: schedule special events such as speech screening and photography events, plan at least one fundraising event, organize student events for parents, and responsible for conducting fire drills/tornado drills as well as distribution of evacuation plans
• Registration: conduct registration for preschool for the upcoming school year
• Recordkeeping: maintain student files, employee files, teacher directory, substitute teacher lists, and parent group email list

Parent/Community Relations:
• Parent Communication: prepare and update Parent Handbook yearly, create and distribute monthly preschool calendar and newsletter, make and update public relations articles and brochures, contact parents in case of student injury or illness while at school, and relate messages to teachers from parents
• Parent Relations: oversee Parent Orientation prior to the start of school, parent counseling regarding all aspects of preschool, and mediate parent/teacher conflicts
• Admissions/Recruitment: Give tours to prospective parents, answer inquiries, recruit new families as needed to fill vacant spots

• Budget: work with Church Financial Secretary’s Preschool Liaison to develop future budget, submit purchase orders, monitor expenses as related to current year budget, and determine teacher salaries and raises
• Financial Aid: determine financial scholarship recipients with aid of clergy
• Accounts Payable: submit monthly payroll, check requests for substitutes, and other personnel

Curriculum and Instruction
• Student Relations: regular observation and interaction of children in classrooms, on playground, and on school grounds, meet with teachers about children, monitor discipline policy application by teachers with students, and placement of children in the classroom
• Extracurricular: establish enrichment activities and organize schedules, liaison with special service providers such as Before/After Preschool Playgroups and services
• Instruction/Lesson Planning: monitor age-appropriateness of classroom activities, review lesson plans from teachers for appropriateness of activities and level of communication with parents
• Work with church clergy staff to ensure vibrant chapel service on a weekly basis


Degree in Early Childhood Education or a college degree with documented experience in teaching young children and office management.

• Excellent professional, organizational, verbal, and written communication skills
• Possess emotional intelligence, needs the ability to relate joyfully and sensitively to parents and children, evidence of emotional maturity and stability, and the ability to recognize and record significant individual student achievements and delays
• The ability to successfully multi-task with strong crisis management skills, can demonstrate sufficient security and judgment to handle crisis situations
• Maintain leadership skills and ability to work in a team

Physical Requirements
Physical requirements may include the ability to stand for long periods of time, hand dexterity and the ability to lift up to 50 pounds.

Work Environment
Availability to work year-round schedule, reports to the Rector, with indirect reporting to the preschool board and vestry.

The statements in this job description are intended to represent the key duties, essential nature and level of work being performed. They are not intended to be all responsibilities or qualifications of the job.

Current background check will be required for employment.

Contact Information

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