Spanish Teacher

St. Thomas Episcopal Parish School
Coral Gables, FL United States


  • Create a balanced instructional program and a class environment favorable to learning and personal growth
  • Work to deepen students’ understanding of the Spanish language through reading, writing, speaking and listening
  • Work to incorporate core content areas of social studies, science, technology, and math into daily instruction
  • Establish effective rapport with colleagues, students assigned to the classroom and their families
  • Motivate students to develop positive attitudes towards learning and the knowledge needed to provide a strong academic foundation that will prepare them for success


Duties of this job include, but are not limited to:

  • Support the strategic plan envisioned by the school with respect to pedagogy and curriculum
  • Promote the development of social and emotional learning competencies of students through the Responsive Classroom Methodology
  • Establish a positive, achievement-oriented, and structured learning environment that excites and engages students
  • Create, develop, and implement integrated units based on standards and curriculum with grade level team and special area teachers
  • Adhere to the School’s Essential Expectations and Characteristics of Professional Excellence
  • Design lesson plans and impart education based on individual students’ abilities; differentiate lesson plans to the needs of all learners
  • Integrate novels, short stories, poetry, grammar, spelling, vocabulary
  • Develop project-based learning units which include cross-curricular connections
  • Ensure teaching methods are adapted to the varying needs of individual students including enrichment or remediation activities
  • Integrate technology seamlessly and appropriately into lessons
  • Use a wide array of instructional strategies such as guided reading, shared reading, modeling, group discussions, literacy circles, interactive read alouds, writing workshop, and inquiry to facilitate understanding
  • Access learning aids and materials for the purpose of teaching concepts in class
  • Attend all professional development, team planning, and faculty meetings
  • Assist in planning, organizing, participating, and chaperoning class trips and events
  • Maintain portal page

Other Duties & Responsibilities: (any other duties assigned)

  • Work the dance recital
  • Attend Baccalaureate Mass
  • Attend all Graduations
  • Attend Parish School Sunday


  • Evaluate student progress in all areas periodically and prepare reports
  • Use multiple forms of assessment (formative and summative)
  • Prepare and administer tests to evaluate students’ understanding of concepts introduced in class
  • Maintain accurate records
  • Assign homework and class work to students and assist them with inquiries; grade classwork and homework on a regular basis
  • Conference with parents and guardians to provide them with feedback on student progress or concerns
  • Make use of Seesaw as a means of communicating with parents about work done in class


  • Knowledge of differing student learning styles, cooperative learning, and differentiation
  • Strong instructional methods and classroom management skills
  • Expertise in developing and teaching reading, math, and social studies skills
  • Mastery of and enthusiasm for subject matter
  • Strong instructional and classroom management skills
  • Ability to work cooperatively with a team of teachers
  • Excellent technology skills and the ability to incorporate technology into curriculum
  • High level of personal organization and planning
  • Team player: maturity, humility, strong work ethic, follow-through, sense of humor, willingness to respond positively to feedback and a “roll-up-my-sleeves” attitude


  • Bachelor’s in World Languages, Master’s degree preferred
  • Valid Florida Certification with appropriate endorsements

Contact Information

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