Upper School Math Teacher

St. Andrew's Episcopal School
Austin, TX United States

Upper School Math Teacher

St. Andrew’s Episcopal School is seeking an experienced Mathematics teacher for our Upper School campus on Southwest Parkway in Austin, TX, beginning August 2023. We are looking for a mathematics teacher who is creative and innovative about teaching mathematics in high school. Candidates must have a bachelor’s degree in Mathematics, or a closely related field combined with experience teaching mathematics in an Upper School.  We are looking for a mathematics teacher who is passionate about teaching mathematics to adolescents with a student-centered approach. Candidates will have a confident understanding across the core of 9th -12th grade mathematics and aspire to collaborate on planning K-12th mathematics curriculum. We are hoping for candidates that are interested or experienced with integrating cross-curricular ideas and/or teaching AP Statistics. Additionally, candidates will collaborate on mathematical content and pedagogy to foster the continuing growth of both their teaching practices and other mathematics teachers at St. Andrew’s.

Beyond relevant credentials and experience, candidates should love working with high school-age students, demonstrate an intentional and engaging instructional style, and value the whole student’s development. All teachers at St. Andrew’s are responsible for advancing the School’s mission and its commitment to fostering an inclusive learning environment.

At St. Andrew’s, we believe in the importance of multi-contextual relationships as foundations for learning. In addition to teaching duties, faculty members are broadly involved with school life, coaching a sport or an equivalent contribution to the School, such as advising an extracurricular activity or sponsoring a student organization.

Each faculty member also plays a key role in supporting student growth and development by serving as an advisor to a group of students. Each advisor has the opportunity to be an advocate for the student as well as having a holistic view of the student’s progression through our school.


  • Bachelor’s degree or higher in mathematics or a related STEM field.
  • Successful experience teaching an engaging curriculum in a student-centered, project based, and experiential classroom.
  • St. Andrew’s teachers contribute to the life of the school by coaching a sport or leading or assisting a club. (Opportunities include football, volleyball, field hockey, golf, soccer, lacrosse, swimming, cross-country, baseball, track & field, or cheer, or debate, robotics, Model United Nations, service club, and math Olympiad.)
  • A commitment to professional learning, collaboration, trying new approaches, demonstrating agility and empathy, and the ability to learn through failure.
  • Candidates with an interest and ability to teach data science, computer science, financial literacy, or economics are especially intriguing.

The ideal candidate is an accomplished, collaborative teacher with student-centered pedagogy and successful classroom experience and has a strong ability to connect with upper school students. They also are present and involved in the life of the school beyond their classroom walls. Salary will be based on credentials and experience.

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