Upper School Registrar/Database Administrator

Porter Gaud School
Charleston, SC United States

Upper School Registrar/ Database Administrator

Porter-Gaud is an Episcopal, co-educational day school serving more than 1,000 students in grades 1-12. The O’Quinn Schools of Porter-Gaud serve an additional 600 preschool students from age two through kindergarten. Porter-Gaud School seeks an experienced Upper School Registrar/Database Administrator for July 1, 2024 but would welcome an earlier start date based on candidate availability.  This position is responsible for all aspects and functions of the Registrar for the Upper School and provides support of the registrar functions in the other divisions.  This position is also responsible for overseeing the student database system (Blackbaud) and assisting with integration between other systems and software with a particular focus on the administration of academic records. This is a 12 month, non-exempt position. This also includes working closely with the College Counseling Office, providing support for the Upper School Scheduler and working closely with the Director of Technology. This position is expected to manage and oversee the academic data integrity of the database, run necessary academic reports, provide prompt and friendly support to end users, and train faculty and staff to work with the system effectively. 

Primary Responsibilities

Responsibilities of the Database Administrator:

  • Serve as the Blackbaud Platform Manager, serving as the subject matter expert to the database of record (Blackbaud)
  • Annual roll over and yearly set-up procedures
  • Responsible for all divisions for processing new students and into the school and withdrawing students who leave during and at the end of the academic year
  • Assist with set up marking periods, report cards and transcripts annually in Blackbaud
  • Update all current faculty information and add new faculty in the database for Lower, Middle, Upper School, The O’Quinn Schools
  • Update course and room records as needed for the Upper School and The O’Quinn Schools
  • Oversee and assist in the updating of all school student and parent records including updating of personal information as needed, transcript holds, and other documentation
  • Responds to internal and external data and report requests as needed
  • Assists with faculty training related to all aspects of the Database (parent and student records, report cards, grading, etc…)
  • Builds master scheduling calendar (US) in Core annually (school holidays, etc.) and updates special schedules as needed

Responsibilities of the Upper School Registrar:

  • Fulfill registrar-related functions, including records requests, grading, and obtaining complete and official transfer student records from sending schools
  • Oversee physical student records, including producing new permanent record cards in grades 9-12 and updating them
  • Has responsibility for assisting other divisions with report cards, transcripts, etc.
  • Maintain permanent records for Porter-Gaud Alumni and all withdrawn students
  • Manage digital permanent student records as well as archived student files
  • Fulfills requests for current and previous students’ records and transcripts
  • Serve as school liaison to the NCAA Clearinghouse, updating course records and student transcripts as needed
  • Provide data for the annual INDEX report

Related Responsibilities

Assist the US Scheduler:

  • Create new courses in the database, ensuring proper grading set-up
  • Provide historical grade information to department chairs to aid in recommendations for

students for the upcoming school year

  • Provide scheduling materials for Upper School advisors in the spring prior to course


  • Assist with entry of course requests, and run reports as needed
  • Assist in producing materials for the Upper School for the opening of school – including rosters, student schedules, master room and teacher grids, etc.

Assist the College Counseling Office:

  • Enter all outside school information for new students and provide a summary of credits needed to meet the PG graduation requirements
  • Generate unofficial and official transcripts upon request
  • Provide statistical data and reports, including GPA’s, junior course enrollment for Junior Profile, copies of transcripts from outside schools, etc.
  • Assist with Naviance – including importing of student information
  • Work closely with the College Counseling Office on student academic performance, grading issues, reports, testing, and programming (PG Engage, College Nights, etc.)

Assist the Director of Technology:

  • Assist in the overall maintenance/integrity of Blackbaud database to ensure the

accuracy/consistency of data over its lifecycle

  • Help create, maintain and update documentation of database policies and procedures
  • Assist with establishing appropriate database access control levels by creating, managing and troubleshooting accounts, roles and privileges of end-users
  • Work with other departments in relation to data in and out of Blackbaud (such as Nurses’

Office, Foundation, Admissions)

  • Other duties as assigned


  • Bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university
  • Extensive experience with Blackbaud or equivalent school databases
  • Previous school registrar experience; independent school experience is a plus
  • Experience with academic registrar functions
  • Exceptionally strong communication skills
  • Exceptional attention to detail to include precision and accuracy with complex calculations and data
  • Exceptional record of integrity and discretion
  • Strong computer skills including Microsoft Office and Google GSuite
  • Ability to not only multitask but also the ability to prioritize the tasks
  • Ability to handle confidential and proprietary information appropriately

Personal Attributes:

  • The ideal candidate has a broad understanding of Porter-Gaud’s mission and an appreciation of the educational process and respect for those who support this work
  • A commitment to maintaining confidentiality
  • A hands-on approach and team attitude are both expected keys to success in this critical role 
  • The Registrar will have an approachable manner
  • The Registrar will have a past record of the ability to work cooperatively with and take direction from a variety of people with diverse needs while maintaining focus on mission
  • The Registrar will have a past record of a strong work ethic, positivity and a healthy sense of humor

Reporting: The position has a dual reporting structure. As the Upper School Registrar, this position reports directly to the Head of the Upper School. As the  Database Administrator, this position reports directly to the Director of Technology.

Salary : Commensurate with Experience 

To apply: Email resume and cover letter as PDF files to careers@portergaud.edu; the names of your files should include your first and last names.

All Porter-Gaud School employees must display a continuous commitment to developing the attitudes, knowledge, and skills (intercultural competence) to engage in appropriate and effective communication with school constituents from diverse backgrounds and perspectives. We desire candidates who will contribute to the school’s efforts to continue creating a more inclusive and equitable community where all individuals can develop a sense of belonging.

Porter-Gaud School is committed to increasing the racial, ethnic, and religious diversity of our faculty and staff. The School welcomes applicants who would bring additional dimensions to the School’s teaching mission. In accordance with law, Porter-Gaud School is an equal opportunity employer and hires without discrimination on the basis of race, color, religion, gender, gender identity, gender expression, sexual orientation, age, national origin, or disability.

Porter-Gaud School is committed to ensuring the safety and well-being of our students.  We hold our employees to the highest possible standards.  All employees are subject to extensive background check screenings and must sign our code of conduct.  We strive to monitor employees while interacting with students.  We take any inappropriate interactions between students and employees seriously and are committed to mandatory reporting standards as required by law.  We will fully cooperate with authorities in any allegation or case of abuse.

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