Book & Video Series: Making Room for Everyone

For ages 3-11. Working with the same overall themes of his first book, Building a Children's Chapel: One Story at a Time, Bill Gordh presents a wide range of folktales from around the world, stories from different faith traditions, and some updates of the original volume. The stories are presented to be told aloud, complete with storytelling tips and musical suggestions for each. Thirty-five curated folktales and stories from Christian, Jewish, Buddhist, Muslim, African, Asian, Scandinavian, and Native American traditions support the values that many desire to instill in children. As an award-winning storyteller, banjoist, author, and educator, Bill Gordh offers a storytelling approach that honors both the source material and the children who listen. Read More »

Early Childhood Programs — Bylaws and Board Composition (Webinar)

Early childhood programs that exist in relationship to an Episcopal parish or other church entity have distinctive governance structures, whereby the vestry delegates to a school board—through bylaws—the governance of the school. Who should sit on the school board? How might they be selected? What authority is reserved by the vestry and what authority is delegated to the school board? When and by whom should bylaws be changed? NAES will offer an overview of common practices and current trends.

About Episcopal Schools

This full color brochure includes a discussion of the principal qualities that distinguish a school as Episcopal; facts and figures about Episcopal schools; a map showing the geographic distribution of Episcopal schools; and information about the Association.

Church-School Relations—Shared Spaces and Expenses (Webinar)

Negotiating space use and structuring an appropriate financial relationship between a school and a church are inherently challenging tasks for both church and school leaders. This webinar offers best practices and practical approaches that can help to simplify and ease this process.

Episcopal Identity and Early Childhood Programs (Webinar)

How can and do early childhood education programs associated with an Episcopal parish, cathedral or other church-related organization live out an age-appropriate "Episcopal identity" in a multi-faith school community? And how can preschools and/or parishes that would like to strengthen their school's Episcopal identity do so in ways that enrich rather than divide the parish and preschool? Join us to explore basic principles and practical strategies.

When Small Schools Face Financial Challenges

At small schools, even minor downturns in enrollment or fundraising can have an enormous impact on the school’s financial health and sustainability. How, then, can small schools survive and even thrive during a period of financial distress?

Nurturing the Spiritual Lives of Young Children

Episcopal early childhood and elementary programs can nurture the spiritual lives of children first by recognizing that young children are spiritual beings and then by giving their spiritual development the same attention and care as language development, motor skills, or social-emotional growth. How might we do this?

Roles and Responsibilities: Early Childhood Program Director

A sample list of typical duties and responsibilities of the director of a parish Early Childhood program. This document reflects recommended best practices. It is intended as a draft document for discussion and for the creation of a list unique in each church and school.