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DASL will be down for maintenance Tuesday, October 29, through Monday, November 4.

Welcome to DASL from NAIS!

Data and Analysis for School Leadership

📈 Benchmark your school's data.

Where do you stand? Use more than 30 years of independent school data to help you make the right choices for your school.

📊 Create comparison groups.

Filter search by region, grades served, Episcopal/Non-Episcopal, and more. Access data on demographics, tuition, financial aid, enrollment, among other characteristics.

🎓 Recruit and retain top talent.

How much should you pay faculty and staff? Review salary and compensation data from around the country to give your school the edge.

🌈 Ensure a healthy enrollment.

Keep up with the changing demographics in your area. Empower your admissions team with data to aid their community outreach.

🏆 Impress your board.

Use the dashboards for an overview with the latest numbers and data visualizations. Come prepared to board meetings with auto-populated reports.

📝 Tell your school story.

How has your school changed over the years? Track your numbers to show people what makes your school stand out in crowded field.

📅 Data Entry 2019

Open: June 12
Close: October 9

Please Note

You must participate in DASL in order to download statistics.

Watch: 10 Minute DASL Overview

Why should I use DASL?

  • Fewer data collections. When you put your data in DASL, it will go to many of the organizations to which your school belongs.
  • Shorter data collection. Based on characteristics you provide, your school will see only the questions relevant to you. For example, girls’ schools will not be asked for boys’ enrollment.
  • More choices. This year, you will have the option of downloading an Excel template into which you can enter your data, then upload the file to DASL, confirm your data populated correctly, and finalize your entry.
  • Faster system. DASL is inthe cloud, with state-of-the art security and speed.

You do not need to be a member of NAIS to participate in DASL!