Home Is Where …

On June 19, I attended a Eucharist in observance of World Refugee Day officiated by the Most Rev. Katharine Jefferts Schori, Presiding Bishop and Primate... Read More »

A Sense of Occasion

No matter what one’s leadership style may be, nor how one handles discipline in a school, it is hard not to feel for Suzanne Lukas,... Read More »

Embracing Adulthood

In the last posting of The Commons, Laura Walker wrote of the joys of summer reading. Taking her advice in stride, I recently took up... Read More »

Summer Reading

As a school administrator, I always found it amusing when parents threw out these words as the school year came to a close: “So, I... Read More »

Stand by Me

The search for meaning remains at the heart of the soul’s journey, and at the heart of meaning-making is relationship—with God, self, others, the world.... Read More »

A Matter of Time

At the recent NAES Head’s Retreat in Chicago, facilitator and former school head Fran Scoble led the group through a series of powerful reflections and... Read More »