Learn more about your school joining EUSA.

EUSA membership is open to Episcopal schools that

  • embody a primary and demonstrated commitment to the needs of the economically disadvantaged, a commitment that is specifically articulated in the school’s mission statement;
  • are located either in traditionally disadvantaged areas or serve populations from those disadvantaged areas;
  • have budgets reflecting a strong commitment to tuition-free education for a substantial portion of their student bodies;
  • are members in good standing of the National Association of Episcopal Schools, and thereby reflect NAES’ commitments to standards of academic excellence, diversity, justice, equity, exemplary governance, and the maintenance of an Episcopal identity within a school community; 
  • maintain a strong commitment to social justice, and view education as a primary means of breaking cycles of poverty and economic disparity, including Nativity Miguel schools;
  • are committed to assisting in the establishment of similar schools throughout the country;
  • place a high priority on furthering the principles of justice and equity within the larger Episcopal community.


EUSA dues are $150 per school or start-up/exploratory committee. This is in addition to the regular Annual Membership Dues.

Member Services

Members are invited to attend the Episcopal School Urban Alliance annual meeting, normally held each fall; may apply for EUSA Grants; and benefit from belonging to a wider network of Episcopal schools across the country engaged in similar missions and programs. The NAES office serves as a clearinghouse for support and information.

Membership Inquiries

Episcopal school and school start-up and exploratory committees wishing to join EUSA should submit a letter of interest and relevant supporting documentation that demonstrate how the school or committee meets the group’s mission and membership criteria. Membership requests should be sent to:

Episcopal Urban School Alliance Membership Committee
National Association of Episcopal Schools
815 Second Avenue
New York, NY 10017