Episcopal Urban School Alliance

A growing number of Episcopal schools are being established in historically under-served, low-income communities. These schools were and continue to be founded by visionary Episcopal educators and clergy moved to fill a pressing educational need, and by parishes or dioceses seeking to make a significant difference on behalf of children and families in poverty.

Like other schools with a similar mission, most use a tuition-free model that relies on donations, grants, and in-kind services to sustain the school financially. Others have adopted a sliding scale fee structure or meet the school’s operating costs through a combination of low fees and charitable contributions.

In 2009, NAES created the Episcopal Urban School Alliance (EUSA). Its mission is to:

  • articulate and promote a common interest in serving the educational needs of economically disadvantaged children;
  • share best practices in economic models, institutional management, and Episcopal identity among its members and aspiring members; and
  • explore the ways the Holy Spirit may move the continuing cause of justice in an educational setting.

The Episcopal Urban School Alliance invites like-minded schools, new and existing, to join them in this ministry.

Learn more about your school joining EUSA.