Cycle of Prayer

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About the Cycle of Prayer

In addition to the commemorations observed by The Episcopal Church, Episcopal schools unite across time and geography as they pray each week’s prayer in chapel.

The pattern follows that in the NAES book Cycle of Prayer for Episcopal Schools, Second Edition, adjusted for occasions with variable dates.

Visit the NAES Store to purchase a paperback copy of the book, which includes additional prayers for other occasions and for use with young children.

List of All Prayers

Below is a table of contents for the Cycle of Prayer for Episcopal Schools. Click here to view the cycle of prayer with dates for 2023-2024. All of the prayers below can be found in the printed version.

Cycle of Prayer for Episcopal Schools

  • For Schools and Colleges
  • A Prayer for Schools
  • A Second Prayer for Schools
  • Founders’ Day: For Those Who Founded This School
  • First Week of September: Beginning School
  • Second Week of September: To Learn to Love Ourselves
  • Third Week of September: For All Students
  • Last Week of September: For Forms of Goodness in the World
  • First Week of October: Episcopal Schools Celebration
  • Second Week of October: For People Who Work in the Field of Medicine
  • Third Week of October: For Parents
  • Last Week of October: Life in the Fall
  • First Week of November: Elections and Public Service
  • Second Week of November: Space and Scientists
  • Veterans’ Day
  • Third Week of November: For Music and Musicians
  • Last Week of November: Pleasure
  • First Week of December: Chanukah and Advent
  • Second Week of December: Modern Languages, People Who Differ from the Majority
  • Third Week of December: Light in Dark Places
  • Last Week of December: For Teachers
  • First Week of January: On a Morning of Sun [on Ice]
  • Second Week of January: For Really Little Kids
  • Martin Luther King, Jr. Day
  • Third Week of January: For Writers
  • Last Week of January: People Without Homes
  • First Week of February: For Friends
  • Second Week of February: Absalom Jones and the African-American Community
  • Third Week of February: Storms and Hurricanes
  • Last Week of February: Against the Trivial
  • First Week of March: Theater
  • Second Week of March: Life in School as Teachers and Students
  • Third Week of March: Artists and Art Teachers
  • Last Week of March: Passover and Holy Week
  • First Week of April: People Who Live in Poverty
  • Second Week of April: Addiction
  • Third Week of April: For All People Who Work at This School
  • Last Week of April: Earth Day
  • First Week of May: For Counselors
  • Second Week of May: HIV/AIDS
  • Rogation Days: Farmers in Spring
  • Third Week of May: Historians
  • Memorial Day
  • Last Week of May: For Mathematicians
  • First Week of June: At the End of the Year
  • End of Term and Year

Additional Prayers

  • Making This a Good School for Everyone
  • Honors Day
  • Chaplains
  • For the Athletic Department and Coaches
  • At a Faculty Meeting
  • At a Meeting of the Board of Trustees
  • For Grandparents
  • In Times of Crisis
  • At a Time of Loss
  • On Being Afraid
  • Envy
  • Expectations
  • To Be Ourselves Before God
  • For People Who Search
  • For Our Brains
  • For the Gifts of Logic and Reason
  • On Being Linked Together in a World of Sustainable Resources
  • Diversity
  • For the People of God Who Are Muslim at Ramadan
  • Birthday of the Buddha
  • On the Occasion of the Feast of Diwali
  • Juneteenth (online only)

Prayers for the Lower School

  • A Great School
  • A Beautiful Day
  • For Friends
  • For Pets
  • For Parents
  • For Recess
  • For Learning
  • For Librarians and Books
  • For Teachers
  • At the Death of a Student
  • At a Time of Crisis