NAES Staff

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General Correspondence and Shipments

National Association of Episcopal Schools
815 Second Avenue
Eighth Floor
New York NY 10017
(800) 334-7626, ext. 6134
(212) 716-6134
Fax (212) 286-9366

Payments and Remittances

National Association of Episcopal Schools
P.O. Box 21090
New York NY 10087-1090

The Rev. Daniel R. Heischman, D.D.
Executive Director
(212) 716-6133

Ann Mellow
Associate Director
(212) 716-6307

Linda A. Burnett, CAE, CMP
Director of Operations
(212) 716-6306

Operations; Finances; Human Resources

Sarah E. Tielemans, CAE
Advancement Manager
(212) 716-6135

Membership; Annual, Endowment, and Planned Giving;
Corporate Subscription and Sponsorships; Grants

Jonathan F. Cooper
Communications Manager
(212) 716-6182

Communications; Marketing; Website; Social Media;
Publication Orders; Job Postings; Webinars & Web Chats

Heather E. Zrubek
Member Services & Events Coordinator
(212) 716-6309

General Inquiry; Database Updates;
Conferences; Events; Meetings

NAES Consultants

Sandi Hannibal
Consultant, Episcopal Identity and Diversity Project

NAES Diversity & Inclusion Conference;
Network of Diversity Practitioners