NAES Mentoring Program for New Chaplains

“An effective school chaplain can make an extraordinary difference in life of an Episcopal school. As pastor, priest, prophet, and teacher, the chaplain can serve as a binding, spiritual force, standing at the crossroads of faith and reason, individual and community, tradition and change…The need for chaplains who feel called by God to carry out a ministry in this unique context, and who live exemplary lives supported by prayer and service, has never been greater.”

— NAES Principles of Good Practice for School Ministry in Episcopal Schools

The NAES Mentoring Program for New Chaplains provides a unique opportunity for first- and second-year Episcopal school chaplains to work one-on-one with an experienced mentor as well as participate in in-person and online learning and conversation.

About the Program

Each new chaplain is matched with an experienced Episcopal school chaplain mentor. The program consists of:

  • A one-hour online orientation, to be held on September 21, 2022 at 2pm ET.
  • A fall professional development gathering for all mentors and mentees to engage in meaningful conversations about school chaplaincy and lay the ground for the year ahead — held in conjunction with Biennial Conference in San Antonio, Texas, November 9–11, 2022.
  • Monthly mentor/mentee conversations
  • Semi-annual check-ins with NAES staff members
  • Access to resources about Episcopal schools, school chaplaincy, and effective mentor/mentee relationships

Costs and Fees

Each school is asked to underwrite the lodging and travel costs related to attending the Chaplain Mentoring Program Gathering at Biennial Conference in San Antonio, November 9–11, 2022. There are no other fees for the mentoring program.

Who May Apply

Ordained or lay chaplains beginning their first or second year as chaplain at an NAES member school are invited to apply. Applicants must be serving in at least a half-time capacity as a school chaplain.

How to Apply

There are two parts to the application for the mentoring program:

  • Part I: Mentee Application (online form to be completed by the applicant).
  • Part II: School Certification of Financial and Professional Development Support (PDF form to be completed by the applicant’s head of school or supervising administrator).
    Download form here.

Deadline to apply is August 1, 2022. Only completed applications will be considered. Applicants will be notified about participation within two weeks of the receipt of their application.


Contact David Madison at or (212) 716-6134.