Through its grants programs, NAES supports its current members and their efforts on a variety of fronts. These include Episcopal identity, equity and justice, partnerships with Episcopal schools in Haiti, leadership development, and the spiritual and professional growth of school leaders.

Below is information about how your member school can participate in these grants programs:

Have additional questions? Email Sarah E. Tielemans, Advancement Manager, or call her at (800) 334-7626, ext, 6135.

Outreach Fund Grants

Each school year NAES distributes 10% of its budgeted Annual Fund goal (but not less than $12,000) as grants to members, associate members, and regional, state, or diocesan Episcopal schools organizations. These grants support projects commensurate with the mission and philosophy of the Association.

Learn about grant conditions and documentation.

The deadline to apply for an Outreach Fund grant is June 15, 2024.
The maximum grant amount is $1,000.
There is a total of $14,000 available for disbursement as Outreach Fund grants.

The Ann Mellow Fund for Professional Development

The Ann Mellow Fund for Professional Development is a grants program established by the NAES Governing Board, designed to assist early childhood educators in Episcopal schools with professional development opportunities. The fund is symbolic of the long-standing commitment of Ann Mellow, former NAES Associate Director, to the field of early childhood development and to adult professional development.

Learn about grant conditions and documentation.

There is a total of $5,000 available for disbursement as Ann Mellow Fund grants.

Episcopal Urban School Alliance (EUSA) Grants

Through the generosity of individuals and foundations, NAES has established a rotating grants program for Episcopal Urban School Alliance (EUSA) members towards graduate support programs, professional development of faculty and staff, and community outreach. NAES is especially grateful to the Good Samaritan Foundation for their support of EUSA.

Eligibility for these grants is limited to schools that are:

  • NAES member schools that are members of EUSA for both the year your school applies and year for which you receive a grant, with all dues and fees fully paid; and
  • Regular participants in EUSA-related events.

The deadline to apply for an EUSA Grant is June 30, 2024.
There is a total of $20,000 available for disbursement as EUSA grants.

Haiti Partnership Grants

Grants fund activities that enable schools to establish, enhance or expand a partnership program by providing funds for schools needing assistance for delegations to travel to Haiti, with priority for those exploring or establishing new partnerships.

Grants are awarded on a rolling basis until all grant funds are expended for the year. The grant amount may not exceed $2,500. A school must be a NAES member for both the current year in which it applies and the year in which the grant is received, with all NAES dues paid in full.

NAES gratefully acknowledges the Good Samaritan Foundation whose generous support of the Haiti Partnership Program has made this program possible.

Email to learn more about Haiti Partnership Grants.