Haiti Partnership Program

The Episcopal Diocese of Haiti is the largest diocese of the Episcopal Church and includes over 240 Episcopal schools.

The need for the mission and work of Episcopal schools in Haiti, and for supportive partnerships with Episcopal schools and organizations here in the United States, remains important and critical to the long-term rebuilding of Haiti as a whole following the earthquake of 2011. NAES urges its schools to enter into such a partnership through the diocese’s Partnership Program, either alone or in concert with other Episcopal schools and institutions.

For further information, contact the U.S. liaisons to the Haiti Partnership Program:

Canon Serena E. Beeks, D.Min.
U.S. Coordinator, Haiti Episcopal School Partnerships
(909) 519-4797

The Rev. Tim Gavin
Head Chaplain
The Episcopal Academy, Newtown Square, PA

Learn about our top priorities for development. These are focused through a few key areas: teacher development & salaries, student access to food & technology, and infrastructure.

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Establishing a School Partnership in Haiti

Over sixty Episcopal schools in the United States have a partnership with an Episcopal school in Haiti through the Partnership Program of the Episcopal Diocese of Haiti. Here is a useful guide to forming one at your own school.

Suggestions for Schools: Developing Partnerships across Cultural and Economic Difference

Relationships between schools in the USA and Haiti are expressions of love and concern for the some of the most vulnerable communities in the world. Here is some advice on bridging the cultural gap.