Self-Study on Episcopal Identity

The Episcopal Identity and Culture Self-Study is an instrument for reflection on those outward and tangible expressions that make a school truly Episcopal in identity and character.

It invites school communities into an important process of looking at those areas central to its mission that may not routinely be subjects of evaluation and reflection, or may not be sufficiently addressed in standard accreditation processes. It is not a certification or accreditation of the school’s Episcopal identity, nor is its completion a requirement for NAES membership.

The Self-Study is grounded in our Principles of Good Practice and covers the following aspects of school life and culture:

  • Mission
  • Governance
  • School Ministry
  • Chapel and Worship
  • Study of Religion
  • Equity, Justice, Service, and Service-Learning

Available to NAES member schools, the Self-Study is a flexible instrument that can be used in three principal ways:

  1. As a supplement to an academic accreditation self-study process.
  2. As a separate review process for specific focus on the Episcopal identity.
  3. In individual segments as a part of a departmental or programmatic review.

In utilizing the Self-Study, an Episcopal school can take pride in what is already being done, clarify how it wishes to advance its self-understanding and mission, and engender a more thorough awareness of, a greater confidence in talking about, and an energized resolve to improve upon what it means to be an Episcopal school.

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Episcopal Identity and Culture Self-Study