Principles of Good Practice

In keeping with our faith and practice as Episcopal schools in manifesting the daily experience of the love of God in our lives, NAES develops sets of principles of good practice for various aspects of Episcopal school identity, leadership, governance, and community life. These sets of principles:

  • Support the incarnational journey of each school as it teaches, communicates and lives out its essential mission and identity as an Episcopal school.
  • Assist each school in maintaining high standards of leadership and governance consonant with its Episcopal identity.
  • Guide discussion and processes with the insights gathered from the larger community of Episcopal schools, rather than to prescribe formulas.
  • Exist as living documents, expanding and changing as our schools’ missions are defined or re-defined and their communities’ lives are lived.

Chapel and Worship in Episcopal Schools
Equity and Justice in Episcopal Schools
Furthering Episcopal Identity in Episcopal Schools
Governance in Episcopal Parish Day Schools
Leadership Transitions in Episcopal Schools
School Ministry in Episcopal Schools
The Study of Religion in Episcopal Schools

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