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Here are some tips to overcome some common problems that may prevent you from accessing the event:

  • Be sure to sign into the app with the email address associated with your NAES profile. This is the address at which you receive emails from NAES.
  • Be sure to select the appropriate event when prompted by the app.
  • Be sure to allow push notifications when prompted by the app.
  • If something isn’t displaying correctly, try tapping the ⟳ Refresh button in the app.

If you signed in with the wrong email address, unfortunately you need to uninstall the app and sign in again using the correct email associated with your NAES account. If you didn’t choose an event, tap the ⇄ Change Event button and select your event (you must be registered for that event and signed in with the correct email address in order to see it).

If you feel something isn’t displaying correctly, tap ⇄ Change Event and select your event again. This will refresh all event content in the app.

If you need further assistance with the app, please email

Explore Content in the Side Menu

Navigate the side menu by swiping your screen to the right or by pressing the icon of three parallel lines. Tap on information to view content such as workshop presenters, handouts, and award recipients.

Update Your Profile

Tap the profile icon at the top of the side menu to view and edit your profile.

Earn Points

For some events, such as Biennial Conference, doing certain tasks in the app, such as updating your attendee profile, earns points.

Activity Feed

View what people are saying about the event on the activity feed. Share your images, comments, and like other attendees’ posts.

Build Your Program

View the entire schedule of events under the program menu. Select the star icon on your favorite program items to receive notifications before they start so that you don’t miss a minute. Evaluate program items after you attend them to give speakers feedback and earn points!

View Messages from NAES

View your latest push notifications under the dialogue section to keep current with any surveys and polls. This is where you answer any polling questions and surveys, or post Q&A for keynote speakers.

Connect with Attendees

Network with other attendees in the participant section using our chat feature. Mark someone as your favorite and write yourself notes about your conversation so you can pick up with them after the event is over.

Take Notes

Leave yourself personal notes using the notes feature in the side menu and export them outside of the app when your event is done so that you don’t lose any information.

Evaluate a Workshop (App)

To answer evaluations in the app, navigate to the program section and click on a program item. Once you click on a program item, you will see an evaluate button underneath the program title directly to the right of the my program button. Click evaluate to answer the questions.

Evaluate a Workshop (Web Browser)

To answer evaluations in the web platform, navigate to the program section and click on a program item. Once you click on a program item, you will see an evaluate button on the right side of your screen. Click that button and you can answer the questions.