Ann Mellow: Morning Meditation from Biennial Conference 2020

When I first began teaching, I thought academics were all that really mattered. But the more I worked with young people, the more I came to see that great intellect did not always come with a warm heart or a clear moral compass. I saw students crippled by sadness in their lives, or worry, or anxiety or anger and hurt that made learning a shadowy process. Slowly, I came to see not merely their minds but the totality of who they were, and who they were becoming. Read More »

Calendar of World Religious Holidays

This calendar of religious holidays is created by the Center for Spiritual and Ethical Education (CSEE). This is a comprehensive calendar of events for all major religions in two formats — a PDF download or a Google calendar you can add to your own account. Read More »

The Weekly Meditation

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The Commons: the NAES Blog

Timely, sometimes tough, questions and insights from NAES and Episcopal school leaders on leadership, governance, Episcopal identity, community life, and other issues. Read More »

Principles of Good Practice for School Ministry in Episcopal Schools

The ministry of a school chaplain, in Episcopal schools, is both a time-honored one, as well as one that currently exists amidst a great deal of change. Given the increasingly fluid and complex religious landscape of our culture, chaplains now minister in a school community that is increasingly diverse: in most schools a variety of religions are represented as well as an increasing numbers of students, parents, and faculty who come to the school with no experience with any religious tradition. Adopted by the NAES Governing Board in 2016, this document offers these principles of good practice to highlight the potential for school chaplaincy, as well as to serve as a resource for a school in a variety of ways. Read More »

Episcopal Identity 2.0

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