Jesus in America

Jesus in America is a national study released in March 2022 in a partnership between The Episcopal Church and Ipsos. The research found that while the majority of Americans polled believe Jesus was an important spiritual figure and want equality in society, it also showed Christians are not necessarily practicing what Jesus taught, and Americans feel judged when talking about their beliefs. Read More »

Principles of Good Practice for Chapel and Worship in Episcopal Schools

Approved by the NAES Governing Board in April 2011, this document highlights the crucial components of a comprehensive, meaningful, and age-appropriate approach to worship and chapel in Episcopal schools as reflected in the Association's diverse membership. NAES urges all schools to use them as part of the context in which they formulate and assess this most crucial expression of their Episcopal identity. Read More »

Shared-Expenses Allocation

This documents provides a rationale and process that schools and churches should adopt when determining and allocating shared expenses. It explores: revenue and expense sources in church and school budgets; the benefits of allocation as opposed to undifferentiated lump sum payments; optimal church and school governance structures necessary for the process; implementation suggestions and instructions; and lists of key budget areas for consideration.

Establishing an Episcopal School: An Introduction

Are you exploring the establishment of an Episcopal school or Early Childhood Education program? The decision to establish a new Episcopal school requires discernment, education, planning, and time. Before you being your discernment process, read this article!