Disturb Us, Lord

I was privileged to spend two days at St. Paul’s School in Concord, New Hampshire this past November to attend the fourth annual New England Independent School Spirituality Conference. The... Read More »

Throwing Down the Gauntlets

In medieval days, a knight dressed in full armor which included gauntlets, leather gloves with an extended cuff that covered part of the forearm. When a knight wanted to challenge a fellow knight or... Read More »

Starting Over

I have been reading, much to my delight, a series of addresses by Tad Roach, Head of St. Andrew’s School in Delaware, published in booklet form by the school under the title, Reflections from... Read More »

What’s Your Story?

During a recent visit to an Episcopal school, I happened upon a history of the school that had been written on the occasion of its centennial. What impressed me more than its beautiful layout and... Read More »

An Attitude of Gratitude

As educators in Episcopal schools, we recognize that preparing students academically is just one part of our mission. A hallmark of Episcopal schools is the integration of spiritual formation into... Read More »

The Quiet Car

Whenever I ride Amtrak, I head directly for what is called the Quiet Car. It is the one car on each Amtrak train where cell phone usage is prohibited and only quiet conversations are allowed.... Read More »

The Global Challenge

Working just two blocks from the United Nations made this past week’s gathering of world leaders a decidedly local affair. Demonstrators draped in the Iranian flag chatted in the pizza line.... Read More »


I am reading a book, Lighting Their Fires:  Raising Extraordinary Children in a Mixed-up, Muddled-up, Shook-up World, written by an award winning public school teacher, Rafe Esquith. He also... Read More »

Washing Our Hands

“America is re-learning how to wash its hands,” observed one reporter on a television segment on the possible impending outbreak of H1N1 virus cases in schools this autumn. As the school... Read More »

The Right Resources

It is a truism that good teachers don’t know all the answers, but they know where or how to find them. We try to do the same here at NAES, particularly when those uniquely “Episcopal... Read More »