Episcopal schools serve people of all faiths in a caring community grounded in the traditions and ethos of the Episcopal Church. They are diverse communities that actively seek students, teachers, and administrators from many different backgrounds, traditions, and perspectives. They do so as part of their commitment to excellence in their chosen educational mission.

Episcopal schools are part of the larger community of non-public, independent schools. As such, each school defines its own administrative structure and determines the qualifications for each position.

The administrative roles found in Episcopal schools are similar to those in the wider independent school sector, and many Episcopal school administrators come from independent school settings. In addition, however, many Episcopal schools administrators bring experience from public education, higher education, business, and other non-profit organizations. A license or certification in school administration is not normally required.

If you are considering an administrative position in an Episcopal school, we invite you to explore our website and to learn more about what makes Episcopal schools unique.