Over 1,000 Episcopal parishes and cathedrals sponsor an Episcopal school or early childhood education program, and leading such a congregation is an important and rewarding ministry.

Rectors and deans play a key role in advancing the school’s Episcopal identity and in insuring sound governance practices between parish or cathedral and it’s school. Both are crucial to the health and long term viability of an Episcopal school and its mission.

If you are considering a call to be rector of dean of a parish or cathedral school, we hope that you will take the time during the search process to

  • understand the school’s history, mission, and governance relationship.
  • learn about the school’s current strengths and challenges. 
  • tour the school.
  • meet with key school leaders and be sure to have in-depth conversations about the rector’s roles and responsibilities in relation to the school. 

These steps will help you understand if a call to school ministry is for you and, if it is, the leadership joys and challenges you may encounter in your new role.

Episcopal schools are always in need of wise and caring leaders and partners. We invite you to explore the possibility of school ministry.