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Episcopal Schools

Episcopal Urban School Alliance

A growing number of Episcopal schools are being established in historically under-served, low-income communities. These schools were and continue to be founded by visionary Episcopal educators and clergy moved to fill a pressing educational need, and by parishes or dioceses seeking to make a significant difference on behalf of children and families in poverty.

Like other schools with a similar mission, most use a tuition-free model that relies on donations, grants, and in-kind services to sustain the school financially. Others have adopted a sliding scale fee structure or meet the school’s operating costs through a combination of low fees and charitable contributions.

In 2009, NAES created the Episcopal Urban School Alliance (EUSA). Its mission is to:

  • articulate and promote a common interest in serving the educational needs of economically disadvantaged children;
  • share best practices in economic models, institutional management, and Episcopal identity among its members and aspiring members; and
  • explore the ways the Holy Spirit may move the continuing cause of justice in an educational setting.

The Episcopal Urban School Alliance invites like-minded schools, new and existing, to join them in this ministry.

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A Movement for Change

Funding the Mission

Serving Christ in All Children

Cultivating Service & Justice

Alliance Members

<%# Eval("Name") %> Photo Anna Julia Cooper Episcopal School
2124 N. 29th Street [map]
Richmond, VA 23223
Phone: 804-822-6610
Grades: 6-8 · Student Body: Co-ed
Enrollment: 53 students
Anna Julia Cooper Episcopal School is an independent, tuition-free, faith-based middle school for students of limited resources primarily from Richmond’s East End neighborhood. Through a program focused on academic, social, and spiritual development, we help students set their sights on college and responsible citizenship. Parent support and volunteers are integral to our success both as a School and a community of affection. Helping to ensure that our students are on a path toward a full and decent life is our fundamental reason for being here.

<%# Eval("Name") %> Photo The Bishop John T. Walker School for Boys
1801 Mississippi Avenue, SE [map]
Washington, DC 20020
Phone: 202-678-1515
Grades: P, K-4 · Student Body: Male
Enrollment: 73 students
The Bishop John T. Walker School for Boys is an Episcopal School for children of low-income families. We nurture the spiritual, intellectual, social, physical and artistic development of our students in a Christian community of learners that welcomes boys of all faith traditions. We seek to foster the love of learning; intellectual curiosity, spiritual foundation, and moral character each boy will need to achieve his fullest potential as a student, as a citizen, and as a child of God.
87780951700 bwschool

The Boyce L. Ansley School
435 Peachtree Street [map]
Atlanta, GA 30308
Phone: 678-358-8023
Grades: P · Student Body: Co-ed
Enrollment: 15 students
A tuition-free, private school for children of families who have experienced homelessness. Its mission is to help children and their families break the cycle of generational poverty by providing our students with an excellent education and collaborative family support in a nurturing and faith-inspired environment.

The Church Farm School
1001 E. Lincoln Highway [map]
Exton, PA 19341
Phone: 610-363-7500 · Fax: 610-363-5367
Grades: 7-12 · Student Body: Male
Enrollment: 174 students
A private college-preparatory school offering an outstanding education to qualified boys from varied backgrounds. A student's annual fee is based upon his parent's income.
100746063331283 CFSAdmissions

Epiphany School
154 Centre Street [map]
Dorchester, MA 02124
Phone: 617-326-0425 · Fax: 617-326-0424
Grades: 5-8 · Student Body: Co-ed
Enrollment: 87 students
TheEpiphanySchool Epiphany_School

Esperanza Academy
198 Garden Street [map]
Lawrence, MA 01840
Phone: 978-686-4673 · Fax: 978-681-1591
Grades: 5-8 · Student Body: Female
Enrollment: 73 students
Esperanza Academy is a tuition-free, independent middle school in the Episcopal tradition welcoming girls of diverse faiths, races, and cultures from Lawrence, Massachusetts. The school inspires students to become active learners and responsible global citizens. We empower and prepare our girls to meet challenges with courage, integrity, and respect.
EsperanzaAcademy esperanzaschool

Imago Dei Middle School
55 N. Sixth Avenue [map]
Tucson, AZ 85701
Phone: 520-882-4008
Grades: 5-8 · Student Body: Co-ed
Enrollment: 51 students
Imago Dei Middle School is an independent, tuition-free school for children of low-income families. We admit children of diverse faiths, races, cultures, and cognitive profiles, believing in the Episcopal tradition that we find God in and through each other's presence. Our small classes and extended school days provide rigorous academic, moral, and social instruction. We are an innovative learning community that offers structured support to help students thrive. We never give up on a child.

<%# Eval("Name") %> Photo St. Andrew's School
227 S. Cherry Street [map]
Richmond, VA 23220
Phone: 804-648-4545 · Fax: 804-612-4175
Grades: K-5 · Student Body: Co-ed
Enrollment: 96 students
St. Andrew’s is an EUSA, tuition-free school for students in grades K-5. Founded in 1894 to bring the best resources to Richmond's working class, it now uses the Nativity Miguel model to provide extended day and year-round programming. VAIS accredited. In 2018, planning began for a new early childhood center.
StAndrewsSchool standrews_va

<%# Eval("Name") %> Photo St. Elizabeth's School
2350 Gaylord Street [map]
Denver, CO 80205
Phone: 303-322-4209 · Fax: 303-322-4210
Grades: K-4 · Student Body: Co-ed
Enrollment: 61 students
Founded in 2007, St. Elizabeth’s is a K-8 school that has served N.E. Denver for ten years. Our students experience a wealth of educational opportunities enriched by visual and performing arts, faith studies, Spanish and P.E. St. Elizabeth’s provides sliding scale tuition with the intention of removing the financial barrier to a high quality education. Our student body reflects the communities we serve that are varied in culture, ethnicity, faith and economic status. The life experiences and academic training they receive will prepare them for a diverse global society.

<%# Eval("Name") %> Photo St. James School
3217 West Clearfield Street [map]
Philadelphia, PA 19132
Phone: 215-226-1276
Grades: 4-8 · Student Body: Co-ed
Mission Statement: St. James School is a faith-based middle school in the Episcopal tradition, committed to educating traditionally underserved students in a nurturing environment. The school is a community that provides a challenging academic program and encourages the development of the moral, spiritual, intellectual, physical and creative gifts in its students. St. James School is committed to educating the whole child and strives to develop its students intellectually, morally, spiritually, physically and creatively. With a focus on excellence, small class sizes provide an ideal opportunity for a structured and nurturing environment. Innovative programs during our extended day allow a strong emphasis on individualized instruction and hands on learning. In addition to placing value in rigorous academic focus and outstanding achievement in a small class size setting, our qualified professionals continually connect with students to address individual needs in an effort to bring each student to grade level performance and above. With special attention paid to the varied talents and interests of each child, St. James School also addresses the importance of service learning and developing a sense of personal and community responsibility as an integral part of a well-rounded education.
stjamesphila stjamesphila

St. Stephen's Episcopal School
215 N. Front Street [map]
Harrisburg, PA 17101
Phone: 717-238-8590 · Fax: 717-238-0565
Grades: P, K-8 · Student Body: Co-ed
Enrollment: 149 students
221598704532941 sseschool