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Cycle of Prayer for Episcopal Schools, Second Edition

John F. Smith

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First published in 1993, Cycle of Prayer for Episcopal Schools provides prayers specifically for the calendar and rhythm of school life, augmenting the standard of prayer in Episcopal schools that is The Book of Common Prayer. This second edition now includes new prayers for occasions in and members of Episcopal school communities not previously addressed, as well as a series of short prayers for use with lower and elementary school students. The Rev. John F. Smith was chaplain at Groton School in Massachusetts from 1978 through 2000, when he retired. Prior to Groton, he was chaplain at Boston University in Boston, Massachusetts. A past member of the Governing Board of the National Association of Episcopal Schools (1991-1994), he was the author of the first edition of Cycle of Prayer for Episcopal Schools.

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Product ID: 1-58777-033-4
Publication Year: 2008
Pages, Size, or Length: 48 pages, 5.5" x 8.5"