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Principles of Good Practice for Chapel and Worship in Episcopal schools

National Association of Episcopal Schools

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Adopted by the NAES Governing Board in April 2011, this document is intended to:

  • affirm the commitment of Episcopal schools to chapel programs that are creative, inclusive, and draw fully upon the liturgical resources of the Episcopal Church.
  • offer a broad perspective on the goals, purposes, structure, and best practices for Episcopal school chapel and worship.
  • support Episcopal schools in their efforts to develop meaningful, age-appropriate worship that is aligned with each school's mission and culture and that nurtures the spiritual lives of all members of the school community.
  • help Episcopal schools to engage their larger community in dialogue about the role of chapel and worship.
  • serve as a useful tool for the school's assessment of its chapel program, whether undertaken independently or as part of an accreditation process.
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Publication Year: 2011
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