School Chaplain

The Episcopal School of Knoxville
Knoxville, TN United States

The Episcopal School of Knoxville seeks a dynamic and approachable Episcopal priest to be its next School Chaplain. Reporting to the Head of School and serving on the senior administrative team, the Chaplain oversees and promotes the spiritual culture of the school, leads the school in daily chapel, integrates the religious instruction, and oversees the service-learning program. As an ambassador of the school’s mission and Episcopal identity, the Chaplain is a warm and welcoming figure who embraces the diverse backgrounds within the school family, as well as the school’s vision for excellence in Faith, Knowledge, and Culture.

The Chaplain oversees the religious curriculum and participates in religious instruction. Connecting the teaching of the Old and New Testaments to the values and social dynamics promoted at the school, the religious instruction is a good support for the school’s culture for community. Since it’s beginning, the school has been grounded in the teachings and practices of Tribes Learning Communities and Artistry for Learning. This offers a wonderful and practical opportunity for students to apply and understand the teachings of the Episcopal faith in a real-world environment.

ESK is a firm believer in community stewardship to prepare young “citizens of the world and children of God”. The Chaplain coordinates the service-learning program and helps orchestrate community partnerships and service projects, both direct and indirect, at each grade level.

Finally, our Chaplain leads the school community in pastoral care and supports an “open door” for students, their families, faculty, and staff to seek assistance and support in their spiritual growth and attention. The Chaplaincy is a full-time position based on the 10-month employee calendar (summers off) and is accompanied by a competitive benefits package.

Contact Information

Dr. Jack Talmadge
Head of School
(865) 777-9032