Inheriting America

I was 16 when my parents relocated our family to the United States from the United Kingdom. Not having a choice in the matter, my […] Read More »

Redefining The Journey

We frequently use the metaphor of “journey” to describe life or the trajectory of our faith. The visual that comes to my mind when I […] Read More »

Spiritual Life

A quick look at the Spiritual Life page on our school’s website will give one an idea about life at St. Catherine’s School. Even though […] Read More »

Beyond All Names

I happen to live in one of the few places in our country where Epiphany is really celebrated. Here in south Louisiana, January 6th begins […] Read More »

Three Kings

I have to admit that, as a child, I loved the Three Kings — those seemingly magical figures with long names and exotic gifts. But […] Read More »

Do You See What I See?

We ask ourselves this question each Advent season, mainly because it’s the opening query of the night wind to the little lamb in the holiday […] Read More »

Understanding Advent

Speaking to children about theology, the church’s teachings, or liturgical seasons requires far more than coming up with a mental script. It demands pretty extensive […] Read More »

The Use of the “N” Word

The blog entry that follows was composed as a follow-up to an NAES Biennial Workshop entitled, “Cultivating Civil Humans: Changing the Narrative.” Cheleah Googe and […] Read More »

Far from the Tree

While looking for something to watch last week, I encountered Andrew Solomon’s remarkable documentary, Far from the Tree. Based on his bestselling book of the […] Read More »