TREE Fellowships improve student test scores

The Bishop John T. Walker School for Boys in Washington D.C. is grateful for the partnership of EUSA to support our mission of providing a high-quality education to our scholars, especially through our Teaching Residency for Equity and Engagement (TREE) Fellowship program.

Now in its third year, TREE Fellows are hired annually to serve as a second teacher in each classroom allowing us to attain an 8:1 student-teacher ratio. TREE was initially founded to address attrition in student test scores due to online learning during Covid, and for students to achieve test scores on par with their peers across the DC metropolitan area. Student test scores in reading and math have improved by 10% – 40% per grade level over the past year.

Another goal of TREE is to provide fellowships for new teachers to increase the pipeline of well-trained teachers who are experienced in educating students from undervalued communities. In the past two years, six Fellows have been trained. Two have remained at BWS and one has been promoted to a Lead Teacher in the third grade. Another one has remained a Fellow at the School while she completes her teaching degree while other Fellows have moved to other cities to teach or continue their education.

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Stephen Crochet
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