Feasting and Fasting

In my former life, I taught Ernest Hemingway’s The Sun Also Rises at an evangelical college every year. I always struggled a bit when we arrived at the section describing the Fiesta de San... Read More »

The Survey Says…

If you ever need an inspiring reminder about the spiritual diversity and curiosity of your Episcopal school students, I recommend giving your students a Chaplain’s Survey and documenting the... Read More »

What Is Your Kuleana?

In Hawaiian culture there is a word, kuleana (koo-leh-ah-na). Literally, it means responsibility. As chaplains and teachers in Episcopal schools our kuleana may be to plan and organize chapels, teach... Read More »

The Thin Places

Whenever I find myself in a sacred space I am somehow changed, conscious as if for the first time of that liminal place between heaven and earth. It doesn’t matter whether I’m with... Read More »

The Holy Places All Around Us

As we move through the Advent season once again, I am reminded that the stories of Jesus’ birth and early ministry mention many specific places. Place is important in these stories, and it... Read More »

A Teacher I Once Knew

A masterful middle school English teacher I once knew always began with her students by talking about the kind of classroom community they would create together. We can’t always control the... Read More »

With All the Company of Heaven

Each November, in the wake of All Saints’ Day, I’m reminded that celebrating the saints is a valuable practice for spiritually diverse communities like Episcopal schools. Episcopal... Read More »

Episcopal Schools: Both/And

How do we express our Episcopal identity in our own unique way, as do all Episcopal schools? Our school is a laboratory of sorts in which we have the chance to rejoice together, grieve together,... Read More »