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Principles of Good Practice for Governance in Episcopal Parish Day Schools

National Association of Episcopal Schools

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Adopted by the NAES Governing Board in 2008, this document is intended to:

  • support the professionals and volunteers of both the church and school as they seek to be responsible, caring leaders and partners in the governance of the parish day school.
  • assist vestries, rectors, school board members, and heads in understanding their roles and responsibilities, and the boundaries that define each particular role in the governance process of a parish day school.
  • guide discussion and processes as leaders strive to create trusting, collegial, and mutually fulfilling relationships in the parish day school setting.
This title is perfect for use in staff, vestry, and board handbooks and training sessions; and as an aid at times of transition in a school's life. This title is available only in bundles of 25 copies. Prices are per bundle.

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Product ID: 1-58777-034-2
Publication Year: 2008
Pages, Size, or Length: 12 pages, 4" x 9"